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My first blog post deals with is excellent product which is total value for money. I am talking about essence gel liner in shade “Berlin rocks”, which is a beautiful royal purple color.  I bought this during my stay in Germany.


Description:-Its a gel eyeliner in purple color with shimmers which is not over the top, more of a sheen not shimmer.Essence describes it as high precision and water-proof.

Price: 2.95 euros


My say: “Awesome”, just one word says it all. The texture is smooth, creamy and glides on like a dream. I have been using this since last year and I must say it stayed up to its claim of being water proof. I always prime my eyelids before lining, my eyelids being oily and  it stays on me for the whole day ( about 10 hrs). It has to be removed with a makeup remover , as in the sense it has a long staying staying power which doesn’t budge throughout the day.I tried it even without primer, but then it stays on me without fading for up to 5 hours after which it gradually starts fading. Might last longer without priming on someone with no so oily eyelids.

It dries up in a jiffy  and once set, I am all set to go. I apply this with a gel liner brush. It works fine when applied on lower lash line as well. I wear contact lens and it did not make my eyes watery or sting. But I do not know how it will act when applied on water line.

The above picture shows how it looks on my eyes.
Summary:-  Great product, worth giving a try. Is comaprable to Mac liners. Awesome for the price and quality.The color is versatile, would look great on most complexions. The only demerit I can think of is its availability in India.
Product score: 4/5

Comments on: "Essence Gel eyeliner in Berlin Rocks swatches and review" (23)

  1. hey,
    I bought Berlin Rocks and the other green one last year, in germany. And, i have to stay its really good and also so cheap. Loved the product! Totally planning to buy it again. Suggest some online links to buy it from here. 🙂

  2. Woww this is gorgeous! Lovely shade! Wish we could get this here too!

  3. vishphilocalist said:

    wow so loved the color and the way u line ur eyes
    none in germany fr me to ask dem to get 😦

  4. The color payoff is pretty good and me too being an oily eye-lids person always end up with faded eyeshadows on my lids in few hours, do they have bright shades in this and do let me know which primer works best for your eye-lids?

    • Hi Beauty 🙂 welcome:) Yes they have a green in this , aslo a shimmery greyish black and khaki type of color………not much brights………I am not much into eye shadows dear…….whenever I wear, I prime it with NYX eye base or simple concealer stick , then apply compact all over before starting ……..

      • Thank you fr replying dear and I asked abt primer coz I have oily eye-lids lyk u so wnted to knw wot exctly u do for oil control…. does NYX eye base helps in oil control??

        • how oily is ur lids dear?…….yes it works for me…….though use eyeshadows occassionally……..else I prime my lids with concealer and compact and use colored eye pencils mostly….

          • My lids are very oily in fact oil comes in few minutes on my bare eyes and if applies compact and then maybe in few hours at least for that I sometime use lacto calamine lotion to some extent it helps but, not for the whole day that’s why I was asking you about a primer. 🙂

  5. very pretty Tanmayee.. plz plz suggest from where to get it in Grmany .. i mean if there is a site .. coz my sis-in-law going to germany .. nd so i need to give my list to her .. me looking for essence nd other brands polishes.. gel liner ..

    • Sure dimpal 🙂 I got it from Germany itself, omline its available in ULTA.
      In germany its available in stores called “DM”…….get there nail polishes in all possible shades they rock. Also there mascara, smokey eye palette………..single eye shadows are pretty good as well…..also they have exclusive nail art segment………ask her to chk it out…..
      website: http://www.essence.eu/us/home.html

      • thnx.. .actually i was thinking if there an online site of Dm or othr drugstore from where i can purchase the product and get delivered it to the local germany address of my sis thn it wldnt bother her much as she ll be very busy there .. also i checked tht essence site bt cldnt find a gr8 collection of polishes nd nail art ..

  6. shruthi venkatesh said:

    It really is awesome tanmayee! I ve asked one of my frnd s to get midnight in paris and london baby frm germany! Now am gonna add berlin to my list 🙂

  7. i love the color 🙂

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