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Rose toner has ingredients that include rose petals, sage, lemon grass, chamomile and colors derived from the natural source. It will help normalize pH balance of skin, increases skin’s ability to retain moisture, removes excess oil & leaves skin looking clean & clear. Its for all skin types. This is what Jovees has to say for the product.

Price: 155 for 200 ml

My say:-  Its a red liquid which is bit sticky when dried. I bought this, as  a Jovees sunscreen is my HG product. Has a cooling sensation on my skin and seems to tighten pores temporarily. Freshens up the face after a tiring day and makes a good diluter for face packs. An average product which does a decent job. I had a experience with this, my son had spilled the whole bottle and then I happened to keep some of the product in a bowl and forgot about it. After some days, I happened to find that all the water had evaporated leaving a oily red liquid behind. I guess its made by diluting rose oil in distilled water and hence the sticky feel because of the presence of oil, just a guess though. Also its quite soapy and frothy especially when the bottle is shaken. That makes me suspicious. Also complete ingredients list is absent . ouch!! so many ouches!

Summary:-  Not a great product and would not be buying it again. There are better toners available in the market. Even simple rose water from patanjali is better.

Product Score: 3/5


Comments on: "Review of Jovees Rose Skin Toner" (2)

  1. In our kerela trip in the yr 2009 i carried this with myself.. its was so hot and sun block cream was of no use as I sweat a lot and it washes off the creme.. all the way used only this toner and touchwood didnt have much of sunburn.. good product..

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