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I happened to buy some essence products when in Germany and in this post I am reviewing two of their nail polishes. The name of this nail polishes is essence “color and go”  quick drying nail polish.As the name suggests they dry super fast , in about two minutes of application, they dry up and you are sorted.  It applies smooth and doesn’t streak, also the applicator brush is of very good quality.

Two shades are discussed here, one is a shocking pink called “ultimate pink” and the other is a sea green color, duo tone bluish green, called “out of my mind”.  The quality of these laquers are very good and do not chip until four days after application, after that chipping starts uniformly starting at the tips.

The pink one is of glossy matte finish and the sea  green color is of metallic finish. Both of them apply neatly and the colors brighten up my hands.

Price: 1.55 euros.

Pics of the shade “Ultimate pink”

Pics of the shade “out of my mind”:

Summary: Both of them are awesome and total value for money. The quality is worth and you will love the way they glide on and dry up. Also they are quite long lasting, I mean they do not dry up in the bottle. I have seen brands as lakme and streetwear dry up in the bottle overtime.

Summary: 4.5/5


Comments on: "Two Essence Nail Polish Swatches and Review" (6)

  1. shruthi venkatesh said:

    Nice shades… 🙂 I ve skipped these in my list coz of weight problems 😦 BTW where ru from? am from chennai.

  2. Seagreen shade is beautiful!!!1

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