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I have posted after a brief pause. Actually, I got busy in customizing my blog.


Herewith is the review of a powder blush from brand “Jordana”. Its a US based brand, which is very affordable and quality is in sync with the price. Not all of their products are good, but their blushes are commendable.  I got it from “cherryculture” about a year back. The shade discussed here is “Sandalwood”.  First lets talk about the color, Its a woody pink color with neutral undertones. A girly color which imparts a healthy flush to the face.


As for the pigmentation, it fares quite low though it can be built up. I have applied it very heavily here, else it doesn’t show up. For fairer complexions it would show up with a few swipes, but definitely needs heavy layering up for wheatish to dusky skin tones like mine. It may not show up on darker skin tones say above Mac NC45. As for me its a perfect day color, gives me a natural flushed look without being over the top.It looks chalky in the pan but when applied it gets blended really well.


The staying power is poor. It lasts for up to 4 to 5 hours on a prepared face, that is I mean primed and the foundation is of heavy coverage. On tinted moisturizers and compact, it lasts for about 3 hrs.


The packaging is flimsy, with the top glass cover coming out from its casing. Needs careful handling 😛

Price: Around $2.49 from cherryculture.

Summary: Its a very good blush for novices. Would look great on lighter skin tones. Also the fact that it can be built up it good, otherwise might go cakey if not applied with expert hands. Owing to its poor pigmentation, you can never end up looking like a clown :). Recommended for the price and quality it offers. A daily wear blush which is not loud, makes for ideal office wear. The cons are its low pigmentation and poor staying power and contains parabens.

So, what do you feel about these blushes? I shall review one more from this range in the upcoming posts.

Product Score: 3.5/5


Comments on: "Jordana powder blush in “Sandalwood” Review" (23)

  1. nice shade.. nice background image 🙂

  2. Oh yes, pls do… I’d love t see it…

    Hehe..I guess. Y now everyone knows about my obsession.. 😉 these r also available on some other site I think.. I 4gt d name..cheaper than health kart I gues…I’ll chek it out..

  3. I wanttt!!! M such a blush crazy gal… I need t get this!

    • Yes I know Zara….your passion about blushes :), I have been following wiseshe…..:)
      yes you get them on heathkart, but shade selection is poor….better you get it from cherryculture ..I have another shade in this, ll review tht soon

  4. Jordana has some veryyy pretty shades!

  5. hi tanmayee, the blush has really soft and subtle color.. i have seen this here as well on some online shopping site… its lovely..

  6. i am here only dear 😀 😀 … and hey am gonna def try these blushes … but guess in India they are only avlb. in Mumbai right ?? but now i need to try atleast one of these accrd. to my oclor 😀

  7. I thought it would be brown-ish if it has been named sandalwood but this is pink and nice:)

  8. Did you get my comment??? I dunno…change yr commenting system Tanmayee its a bit complicated!

  9. HI Tanmayee, Welcome to the blogging world 🙂 🙂
    Im reall intrigues with Jordana somehow, might pick these uP!
    I know u mailed me for some blogging gyan and feedback but iv been sooooo tied up…

  10. Luks lovely Tanmayee..I wish it was easily available here..these blushes are so cheap and have great texture as well.

  11. Thanks Rashmi………Its a great inspiration to get ur comment on my blog..you are a inspiration for me……love you…….do follow my blog and drop in suggestions …..

  12. congratssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss tanmayee on lovely blog 😀 😀

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