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This Shampoo claims to suit all hair types and comes from the house of Jovees. To mention, its a herbal shampoo.


It claims to strengthen the hair roots, while adding body, volume and luster to hair and is power packed with extracts of honey, apple and aloe vera.

My take on this:  My hair type is normal and I hardly have any hair issues, though of late I had a bout of split ends which I got rid of by chopping off my hair :). The shampoo is clear in color and is of gel like consistency. It lathers well and removes all traces of dirt from hair. Washes off easily and leaves my hair silky soft, does live up to its claim of conditioning to some extent, though I need a conditioner after it. It smells pleasant and the aroma disappears after sometime. I have not had any adverse reactions or hair fall after using it.Image

It is mentioned in the product to be used in conjunction with jovees “amla and bael” hair tonic for acute hairfall. I have not tried it in this manner though.

Price: Rs. 175 for 250ml

Summary: Overall a decent shampoo, good in cleansing and conditioning the hair. But, it might not be good for dry hair types, as I feel the urge to condition after using it. My hair is normal, problem free. Good budget buy and also its herbal, though complete ingredient list is missing.

Product Score: 3.5/5


Have any one of you tried Jovees products? How do you find them?


Comments on: "Jovees Honey and Apple Conditioning Shampoo" (11)

  1. i have used and reviewed Jovees shampoo and ur right it doesnt work for dry hair. infct make dem more dry. Glad it worked for u, though

  2. I hv super dry and frizzy hair. This sounds gud for normal or oily hair. 🙂

  3. mepreetha said:

    nice review gurl..hav never tried jovees

  4. The only thing I’ve ever used from jovees is their hair pack… It’s really nice…quite messy but at least it makes my hair really healthy…

  5. indianbeautyforever said:

    seems a nice product… will try sometime…

  6. nice review …….i am using jovees hair pack and its vry gud…:)

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