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When it comes to select over bodywash and soaps, I prefer bodywash . I feel they are less harsh and a good bet if one wants to indulge in some self pampering. Also they are hygienic, travel friendly  and easy to use. I have been using this bodywash under scanner for about three months. It was just a buy out of curiosity on one of my ramblings in a Health & Glow store. Its packaged in a sturdy plastic bottle in light creamy pink color. Product claims to include skin cream ribbons in it along with the bodywash ingredients, hence the name. Also, it is supposed to improve the look of skin in just 5 days :), claims to contain almond oil. The color of the product is also light creamy pink.

After using it for about three months, I am of the opinion that its a good bodywash which cleans the skin well and lathers luxuriously. Its thick creamy in texture which is not runny and does not dry out the skin. If we have to draw a likeness, its similar to dove bodywash. Its washes off easily and leaves the skin smooth and smelling good. The smell is typical Olay type,  good, not over powering but it disappears after sometime. I did not notice any change in my skin after using it as it claims, only that its not drying and skin feels smooth after a wash. My skin is oily, but it did not make my skin greasy.

Price: INR 190

Summary: Worth a buy, good product. If you do not want to spend much then give it a shot. Delivers good results. Definitely better than bodywashes from Palmolive, Fiama di wills etc. I would not be buying it again, would look out for some other options. There are better options available.

Product Score: 3.5/5

Below is the ingredient list. Does not contain paraben.


Comments on: "Olay Body Wash Plus Creme Ribbons with Almond oil Review" (4)

  1. nice review tanmayee.. if you have recommended .. then i will surely buy it for my mom as she loves body wash more than me.. 🙂 🙂

  2. Nice now!! I had the purple…i love how moisturizing this is..perfect for my dry skin 🙂

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