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The smell is to die for! Its sexy, warm, inviting oh so romantic! Smells like cinnamon vanilla muffins, the aroma is very much similiar to that which is emitted by French brasseries. Reminds me of my trip to Paris and its wayside cafes. The fetching aroma make me hungry sometimes, I seem to feel the pang at the bottom my tummy. This is one dimension of the smell. To mention the second dimension, it imparts a sense of warmth to your body, its a ideal winter smell, make you feel special and sexy!

I have been using it since last february when I feel the urge to extreme moisturize my skin. My skin is combination- oily, as summers are here I prefer light citrusy fragrances and body lotions. But,  I do use it on days when my skin wants the moisture shot.

Synonymous to all TBS body butters, the texture is buttery smooth and glides on easily to keep the skin moisturized for the whole day. Once used after a shower, you are sorted for the day. This aspect makes me rave over these body butters. Its ideal for dry skinned beauties, it would come to their rescue all round the year. It is nourishing and keeps the body skin hydrated and supple.

Price: INR 910 , I bought it during the sale got 50% discount on it 🙂

Summary: Highly recommended ! Ideal moisturizer which keeps the skin quenched, smooth and supple except for one ouch that is the lovely fragrance lasts for only about two hours after which one might find subtle hint on the clothes.

Product Score: 4.5/5


Comments on: "The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Body Butter Review" (13)

  1. mepreetha said:

    yay..I love TBS ke products..

  2. I would love to smell it.
    Thank you for visiring my blog.

  3. I have the lip balm of this! I just adore it. I feel like eating it all the time! LOL! Great review. 🙂

  4. I love vanilla smelling products… 50% off on TBS product is amazing.. :):) love u 🙂

  5. Lovely review…..will buy this on my next visit to Delhi….I need a gud moisture badly….thanks for sharing….

  6. shruthi venkatesh said:

    Nice review! IT looks yummy!!! 50% off is just awesome! 🙂

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