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 Apologies for posting so many reviews of a brand that is not available in India 😛 , but Essence products are so good that we ought to know about it 🙂 . Moreover if anyone of you happen to travel to EU or somehow manage to land your hands upon it, then its worth !

As usual with most essence stuffs, this nail polish remover has not disappointed me. It removes nail enamel thoroughly and neatly,, also to add, very little amount of the spirit is required to get the job done :). I have used two varieties in this product line, one is coconut-vanilla and the other strawberry-vanilla. The Coconut-Vanilla variant is over, so I am not able to put up the pictures 🙂 but I do have the other variant in Strawberry-vanilla, the snap of which I have put up above. The performance of both the variants are equally good, the only aspect they differ is the way they smell. Coconut- Vanilla has a sweet edible smell of vanilla ice cream topped with grated coconut 🙂 that is  the best way I could explain the smell. The variant in Strawberry- Vanilla has a unpleasant odor,which is kind off similar to that of synthetic mango flavor, no way it is nearer to strawberry smell. It also had nail hardening qualities as mentioned on the bottle, But I did not notice any hardening effect as such .

Price: I think around 70 Euro Cents, less than 1 euro for 150 ml which I feel is huge for a nail polish remover.

Summary: Very good product. Acetone Free. Keeps the nails moisturised after use. Effectively removes nail lacquer. Also a very good budget buy. 

Product Score: 4.5/5



Comments on: "Essence Nail Polish Remover Review" (11)

  1. this looks amazing toooo!!!!

  2. I loved the way you described the coconut vanilla Tanu…sounded delicious 😉

  3. It sounds good and it’s cheap.

  4. Oh man another product we don’t have. I don’t like how nail polish remover generally smells so this is something I’d totally try.

  5. nail paint remover with vanilla and stawberry.. thats cool.:) hope it would have been available in india too.:)

  6. i have this one …my sister has send me from abroad…:)

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