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The climate here in Bangalore tends to be dry with very low humidity, So at times I need a quenching moisturizer in spite of having oily-combination skin. This was actually recommended to my baby by his doctor about two years back 🙂 . I thought of trying it out and have been using it before sleeping from time to time as per my urge to moisturize

It a moisturizing cream with aloe vera ext. being the key ingredient. I have been using it for quite sometime now, it effectively moisturizes my skin and when I wake up in the morning, my skin feels hydrated and soft. Also, it never  broke me out. It doesn’t clog the pores and also does not make the skin oily or sticky. Also its good for dry skinned people, though it might not as moisturizing as Cetaphil cream, the review of which is coming up soon :). I also used it as a body moisturizer for my baby and its definitely better than J&J cream. It keeps the baby’s skin soft and hydrated.

This is how it looks after massaging

Price: I think INR 120 for 50 ml, it was on the outer carton which I threw away 😛

Summary: Good moisturizer, suits my oily skin and never broke me out. Also it does not clog the pores or makes skin sticky/oily. Also, ideal for babies. I did not find any cons except that it has dimethicone, a silicone oil and parabens.

Product Score: 4/5


Comments on: "Derma dew Aloe cream Review" (59)

  1. JOY SARKAR said:

    I have never heard of this product but it looks great … Beautifully reviewed dear!

  2. what product to use to increase the color complexion

  3. vrindha said:

    its remove acnescars?

  4. my gynecologist prescribed me the dermadew aloe Crem when I told her that I don’t want streach marks on my abdomen after delivery.. I applied it since 5 th month of pregnancy regularly .. it worked miracle to my biggest worry of getting those permanent stretch marks.. I m mother of 2 kids n widot a single stretch mark.. hats off to this great product.. all I can say is a big.. THANKS

  5. Naveed Ahmed said:

    As I’m residing in U A E and I am in need of derma due cream/ lotion, can u please help me, how to get it here

  6. may i use dermadew to get rid of pimples marks?? plss rply

  7. i have dark spots on my face ,,how can i get rid of this problem and plz suggest me any fairness cream for better complexion…….

  8. deepashree said:

    hii.., i had something like allergy in ma body, so doctor advised me to use this cream.. will it help me ??

  9. I have used this baby for sometime & really like the texture. The fact that it has aloe helps I believe.
    I’m a new Lifestyle Blogger and I hope to get on with all my fellow bloggers.
    let’s blog away mate!

    I hope you like my piece of work just as much as I liked yours. please do pay me a visit, that’d be very encouraging.
    Love & Luck,
    The Girl in Pink Socks.

  10. TejInder Kaur said:

    Looks great product..
    would love to try ..

    my recent one :http://www.indianbeautyzone.com/2013/11/lakme-9-to-5-lipstick-coffee-command.html


  12. Hello Frnd…i m havng so much black spots in my face & hand and this problem is 2 year aisa kya use karu please reply.

  13. i have normal skin. is it brightens skin or just a moisturizer?
    my skin is getting dark day by day 😦 wat to do? this product helps me?

  14. I like Made from Earth’s Aloe & Jojoba Lotion a lot. My skin absorbs it instantly and there is a definite feel of hydration. I like the fact that it is hypoallergenic and free of any smell so that it doesn’t clash with a scent I’m wearing. Rough elbows and knees have a satin-like finish. The main ingredient is aloe & vegetable glycerin; never underestimate this powerhouse in terms of its ability to heal skin.

  15. hi im little dark bt I dnt have much pimples.can this cream help to improve colour complexion

  16. hiiiiii i hv pimples ,i hv black heads….. can i use this cream ?????
    plz reply

  17. hey i hav pimples marks on my face.can i use aloe cream to remove the marks????????????
    ..my face is oily

  18. bindu chakrapani said:

    Hiee.. I am using dermadew soap from years. My acne disappeard for few days. But now i am thinking to use Dermadew CREAM is it good???? Please reply Cream is same as Soap then i will start using????

  19. This is very Good Moistriser

  20. hi my skin is oily even though am usin this cream and if i use this cream daily means i won’t get pimples and if i skip for a single day also i will get pimples and my skin will become dark. so shall i continue this cream or do i need to stop usin this cream???

  21. hi my skin is oily even though am usin this cream and if i use this cream daily means i won’t get pimples and if i skip for single also i will get pimples and my skin will become dark. so shall i continue this cream or do i need to stop usin this cream???

  22. can i use this lotion as a daily moisturizes ?

  23. can i use this lotion as daily moisturizes ?

  24. hello Frnd…i m havng so much black spots in my face..can i use this cream..that will be clen my face totally…thz s possible ??

  25. Can neone help me out suggesting a black patch remover cream or some stuff ?Recently after wearing a new pair of shoe i have got black patches on my feet..Plz help me friends..

  26. can u plz advice me a cheap fairness nigt cream i was using olay but thought of changing it,i have a normal skin.plzzz doo replyy!!!

    • celebrating feminity said:

      You can use FabIndia vit E , de-pigmentation cream … Its reallyy good, I am using it and shall review it in the coming days..

  27. when to use this cream?? twice a day before gng out or only @ night before sleep??

  28. is it good for skin lighting

  29. It seems to be a nice product….from where can get it

  30. I never knew about this…thanks Tanu 🙂

  31. It sounds like a very good cream. I like aloe products.

  32. vishphilocalist said:

    wow glad to knw abt it
    lol baby products are so good fr us too na 😛

  33. It seem a good product Tanmayee.. and aloe vera is really good for the skin..:) and yippeee.. this time i was the 1st one to comment 🙂

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