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I came across this picture of Rihanna while random surfing. Rihanna usually experiments with her eye makeup as well as her hairstyle. Her versatile approach makes her a hot favourite among fans and also makeup lovers :).  I have been striving to duplicate this look of hers, since the day I saw it. Hope you like my attempt :), though its not a ditto look. Do pour out your thoughts on this look.

The inspiring Pic :), The blue liner she used is deep navy blue, I used a blue lighter than this, also I used a pink blush.  I did this look using only pencil liners. If done with gel eyeliners, the outcome would be better. Since I did not have all the colors and ingredients, my look is not a exact copy of hers.

Ta Da…..lets go !!

1.  Prime your eyes, and make a line with the blue eye pencil in this fashion.

2. Then connect it from the end, and draw it till the inner corner of the upper eyelid.

3.  Fill up the outline with the blue pencil.

4. Now take a black pencil and line the lower lashline, in a thick manner and conjoin it with the blue line.

5. Now apply kajal on the waterline, tightline and finsh off with generous amount of mascara.

More pics of the look,

Some more Pics 🙂

I paired it with Faces “Passion Rose” lipstick and Jordana “Sandalwood”  blush….


Comments on: "Rihanna Inspired Eye Makeup and Look, In blue and black : Eye Pencil Makeup" (34)

  1. This is so cool…. I’ll try this 🙂

  2. Lovely images. They are beautiful.

  3. aw thank you for the warm welcome…i’ll definitely be a regular here :)..oh..well is it available online?..really liked the subtle blue shade..it looks a bit like street wearz pelican blue ‘mettalic eyes’ pencil

  4. I love blue liners…will go in for it soon as it’s quite light( and easy too) and I am pretty comfortable with it 😀

    thanks Tanmayee

  5. I really love the make-up! You did an amazing job using Rihanna as inspiration and let’s face it…it looks as fab as hers!

  6. thats sooo beautiful Tanmayee.. will also try ..:)

  7. loved the look…

  8. it looks so pretty…The best part is u can wear this look almost everywhere..definitely gonna try it :)..btw which blue eyeliner did u use?

    • Hi welcome to my blog……and happy that you like it….would love having you around 🙂
      I used Manhattan Cosmetics automatic eye pencil, review coming up……but its not available in India……A close dupe can be faces eye pencil in “Turquoise Blue”….and if you use, Revlon colorstay eye pencil in “Blue Spark”, it will be the exact color that Rihanna is wearing….hope it helps…:)

  9. it looks soo pretty..d best part is u can wear this look almost everywhere..will definitely try it..btw which blue eyeliner did u use?

  10. oh my my…..super….great effort Tanmayee…I absolutely love this !! :))

    • 🙂 🙂 …..you know, it would have been better if done with gel eyeliner…I dont have blue gel eyeliner…. so happy that you found it to be a great effort…

  11. awesome tanmayee i love it

  12. Nice look Tanmayee….you look far better than Rihanna

  13. you are damn neat, Tanmayee 🙂

  14. Super like

  15. Beautiful look Tanu 🙂

  16. Wow so pretty…I am bookmarking this to try…:)

  17. omgoodness! This came out so pretty! I will have to try this out, Rhianna really does have some fun looks!

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