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Brown Smokey Eyes are rather less harsh than  usual black smokey eyes, but spell a commendable depth and intensity. It is wearable and easy to carry even during the day :). I have done is using only one deep brown eye shadow, kept it deeper on my lids and gradually toned it down as I reached my crease and brow bone. Do share your inputs on this 🙂

1. Prime Eyes and apply a thick layer of deep brown eye shadow.

2. Gradually start blending the eye socket area, using the same eye shadow in a blending brush and keep on blending and lift it up little above the crease.

3. Blend more , until the harsh demarcation of the light and darker part disappears.

4. Now apply a light line of black kajal on the lower lash line and carefully blend it with a pencil brush which has been swiped in the brown eye shadow that we have used earlier.

Then tightline and finish off with mascara.

some more pics….. Also I forgot to mention, applied a highlighting eye shadow on my brow bone.

This is me 🙂 . I have applied Amway Attitude Lipstick in “Earthy Brown” and colorbar “Just Earth” blush…


Comments on: "Soft Smokey Brown Eyes Look and Tutorial" (25)

  1. Roderick Gauwain said:

    Brown-eyed men seem to be more trustworthy than most blue eyed males, but is it more to do with the shape of the face than the color of the eyes? ..

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  2. Zane Schiesher said:

    while some people love blue eyes, i really have like brown eyes and i found them to be very very attractive. ”

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  3. Elegant! Its indeed a very soft version of brown smokey eyes.
    Came here via Stylecraze and you’ve got a great blog here.
    Do drop by mine sometime and follow if you like! 🙂
    Fashion Panache

  4. lovely eyes u have Tanmayee…!! and nice tutorial.. :))

  5. Beautiful eye makeup and u have such gorgeous eyes. ❤

  6. u have such bful eyes..<3…i love the look too…i usually shy away from smokey eyes cuz i find it a bit too dark but this looks perfect..which blending brush do u use..oh n are u on fb? Do add me 🙂 http://facebook.com/l33.b33

    • I guess the credit goes to my mom, I inherited her eyes……..thanks a lot :)……….do try out soft smokey eyes, I use essence brushes and some other brushes which I got from Germany, they are not well known here 🙂

  7. Looks just WOW Tanu 🙂

  8. very pretty….love this look..:)

  9. beautiful.. Tanmayee..
    You are becoming a pro at eye make up now..<3

  10. oooh la la….. pretty pretty …ki shundor…..I’m also dying to go back to my eyeshadow brushes now, only if I could take out some time…

    • oh , and I must say your eyes are very beautiful, bolena ekebaare taana taana chok..touchwood!!

      • Thanks a lot Agni 🙂 you have flair for eye makeup ……..why dont you start again, would love to see your looks……..BTW, thanks a lot for the compliment ” Taana taana Chok” 🙂 LOL

        • my kid Tanmayee…he’s a hurricane….If I take out my stuff while he’s awake, like lightning he strikes, picks up something, and then that lipstick/pencil goes for “antim yatra”…today only he destroyed my Nivea lip Balm, a second one this month…..and he’s taken a liking for my new UD palette…..checha-michi shuru kore deye…somethimes he’s dislodged some e/s from my Inglot palettes also…..lol….and then by the time he goes off to sleep, I’m too tired to move my butt around….. :/

          • Even my son is same, I do all these when he is asleep in the afternoon, he hardly sleeps for 2 hours, I have to finish and take snaps…..so difficult…… 🙂 I can understand your problem, I have kept my makeup out of his reach, still they get victimised and I lost so many eye pencils by misplacing………did you get Naked Palette??

            • hain re, even I used to do it in afternoons but …….
              ya, I got NAKED…super excited….even did some good makeup day before, but we were going out and it was evening time, so couldn’t take piccys….next week I’ll surely do something :))

              • Hmm, your son is two naa, I think by the time he s three, u can manage some more time…….actually the age 2 to 3 ..is terrible, righty said “terrible twos “…..do post the pics, I also plan to get NAKED….

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