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Hair coloring is a rage nowadays, with many of us choosing to color our hair in a variety of shades, be it subtle highlights or complete hair color. It does change one looks from the usual monotonous self and refurbishes our whole persona. Though it make us look and feel gorgeous, we have to keep certain points in mind before selecting the hair color. The perfect color selection is the secret behind gorgeous celebrity hair colors :).

Some points which I would mention here are :

  1.  It is not advised to opt for a shade which is way to different from ones own natural hair color. The difference between the natural hair color and the selected one should be subtle and not drastic. The change needs to be gradual, may be one tone light or dark from one own natural hair color.
  2. The skin tone is the most important deciding factor while choosing the shade,  it needs to be kept in mind always . Indians are mostly warm complexioned, colors such as browns, auburn browns, deep caramel etc flatter our skin tones.
  3. Never use Henna on colored hair, Henna lends its own color to the hair and makes it look garish. Also one need to grow out the whole hair strands before  recoloring, as the new color would not manifest properly.
  4. when choosing colors to highlight our hair, its always better to choose a color which is four shades lighter than the rest of the hair color.

Hope you find these helpful :), also drop in your additions to this article 🙂

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Comments on: "How To Select The Right Color For Your Hair" (4)

  1. thank you for this post!

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  2. Hi… very informative Tanmayee but I don’t like to colour my hair. Did it only once !!!

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