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Shiny hair is a dream of every woman 🙂 , but all of us seem to have common hair issues such as dry, rough and lifeless hair. I have been following this tip since long and I must say it works wonders. Though if anyone is allergic to the ingredients,it should be avoided.

Tip: Slightly warm  two table spoons of pure coconut oil, when is warm add  one teaspoon of fenugreek (methi) seeds, when the seeds start crackling, keep it for about a minute and take the vessel of the fire, Cool it , and when its tolerably warm , apply it on to the hair sections with a cotton wool. Then gently massage your hair for sometime, keep it for about two hours and then shampoo off. You can also steam your hair after the massage. The quantity of hair oil can be varied as per requirement.

It should be done carefully, so that one does not burn or scald their skin.

Note : The images are taken from the web, these are not mine.


Comments on: "Beauty Tip: For adding shine to your crowning glory" (4)

  1. I’ve never tried it but I’ve heard that coconut oil does wonders for dry hair! Glad you are back, hope you enjoyed your trip!

  2. That’s a nice tip Tanu 🙂

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