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So, P2 is a German drugstore make up brand which makes decent cosmetics. They are dirt cheap and quality is also commendable 🙂 . I picked up some of their stuffs when in Germany, and I must tell you I am still relishing some of them.

Shade under review is “Red Square”, a vibrant warm toned red which instantly make you feel like a Diva. I love love the color “RED”, all the more if it comes in a lipstick :). You see the swatches and can make out how gorgeous a color it is. The texture is creamy and smooth, almost like butter, that it melts in sultry weather. I mostly keep it in the Fridge. It require two swipes fully to go opaque and wears wonderfully as a tint. Decently pigmented, requires two swipes.

The ouch I find is the lasting power, it fades off completely in three hours. Also, if one eats in between it gone in a swish. Else a decent lipstick for a dirt cheap price. It tends to bleed, so I advise to apply it on top of a red lip liner else dab some concealer on the lips and then apply it.

Price: Euro 1.95

Summary: Worth a buy! Good quality for the price. Nice pigmentation and texture. Does not dry out the lips . Ouches are its lasting power is poor and that it bleeds.

Product Score: 3.5/5


Comments on: "P2 Cosmetics Lipstick Review and Swatches – Shade “Red Square”" (8)

  1. Thats a great shade Tanmayee….and you totally rock it…time to do some OOTD’s in your ethnic sarees…we don’t have too many blogger friends doing that, right??

    • Hey, thanks a lot dear :)…its true that we require some ethnic EOTDs….but where the time baby?? :P……….with kid , :)……..why do not you also do that? you would rock it I know….

  2. Beautiful shade! Looks awesome on you!

  3. ohh it is a nice red color dear.. and looks soooo good on you..:)

  4. It looks nice on you….:)

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