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Swami Ramdev  has revolutionized the Indian Consumer market by making holistic, Indian made consumer goods which provide  optimum combination of price and quality. I also prefer buying most other things such as detergent powder and soap, daliya, masalas, salt, toothpaste etc from his outlet.

Today I am reviewing a very good product “Patanjali aloevera gel”, which I have been using as a all purpose gel since last two years. Patanjali claims its good for the well being of the skin and is effective on marks on the face. True to its claims, It helps in evening out the skin tone to a great extent and also helps soothe pimples and with regular use their occurrence reduces.

Some positive aspects of this gel  :

  • Acts on pimples to soothe and reduce their occurrence
  • Gently evens out skin tone with regular use
  • Helpful in soothing burns and lightens burn marks
  • Hydrates the skin, oily skinned people can use it as a moisturizer
  • Keeps the skin healthy without any side effects.
  • Acts a good after shave moisturizer

How I use it:

I use this gel daily in the morning and night after washing my face , then follow up with moisturizer after half an hour. If you are experiencing  break outs, apply  layer and leave it as it is overnight.  Some more ways to use this:

  • Mix it with honey and leave it as face pack and wash off after 20 mins
  • Apply on the hair as a gel hair pack, wash it after one hour, the hair becomes soft and shiny.
  • I used it with Meera herbal wash and it makes the hair soft and shiny. I do not like the effect which Meera hair wash gives when used as it, it makes my hair puffy and gritty

Price: Rs. 75

Summary: Highly recommended! Much better than other costlier versions available in the market.

Product Score: 4.5/5


Comments on: "Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel Review" (13)

  1. prashanth said:

    it can use for hair

  2. can we apply ponds powder after applying patanjali aloe vera jel

  3. Hey thr! I’ve used it and I liked it…

    In fact I have recommended it to a few of my friends who also loved it

    Oh BTW I am Nidhi and I run a blog on nutrition healthizenblog.blogspot.in
    Do check out

  4. Nice review …..patanjali ashram is quite near to my house and I had a very bad experience over there so I don’t use their products….:(

  5. Completely agree with all your claims Tanu, this is the best product ever !!!

  6. I can vouch for the goodness of this product!!!!-till date I have advised using this to anyone-who say they have troubles with any forms of moisturisers! This is the actual skin nourisher-I must say!

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