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In India we have limited choices when it comes to baby products and majority of the market is held by Johnson and Johnson.  Even my mom used J&J products for us :).  Although the brand has evolved  with new packaging and introduction of some new product lines in India, but I feel the quality has deteriorated to some extent as in the sense , the baby cream used to be thick so was the baby oil.


I am reviewing the J&J Milk Lotion, which I use as a body moisturizer for my child which doubles up as a good moisturizer before applying make up. The color of the lotion is white and is runny in consistency being moderately thick. It spreads easily and gets absorbed soon and leaves behind a lingering smell on the baby’s skin. It has a pleasant smell which is different from the regular J&J smell of their baby cream or baby lotion or the powder. It ideally keeps the baby fresh and the skin hydrated for the whole day. All in all a good product, but the imported J&J stuffs are much better. It would be great if J&J India also elevates the quality of their products to that level.

Price: Rs. 140 for 100 ml

Summary: Recommended ! It smells great, which lingers on 🙂 keeps the baby’s skin moisturized and soft. Also can be used to moisturize adult skin. I have no complaints but the quality could be  made better , similiar to the imported J&J stuffs.

Product Score: 4/5


Comments on: "Johnson and Johnson Baby Milk Lotion Review" (6)

  1. is it good for adults having oily skin??? i want to use it so plz reply me soon

    • No, it would not be good if you have very oily skin…..why don’t you use aloevera gel on your face? it works wonders, I have reviewed a aloevera gel on my blog…….else you can use dermadew caloe, I have reviewed it today…

  2. Nice review..I used this for my daughter and it’s a gr8 product..:)

  3. nice review Tanu..:)
    I have used it and will use for my kids when i will get married and have kids… 🙂 🙂

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