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The name is “hidden secrets”, but holds no secrets :), actually its quite obvious .It is overtly shimmery which is kinda grainy  and all the more vanishes from the cheeks in no time leaving behind the shimmers.  The color of the blush is pretty rose, but the shimmers are a total turn off.

I am totally unhappy and disappointed with this. Would never recommend. Only if you want to look like a disco ball at the end of the day , go for it :). Not at all up to the mark, other wise I adore their “Peachy Rose” and “Just earth” blushes.

This one was broken during transshipment from “Stylecraze” and I am so happy they replaced not only the blush but also the shade.

Do let us know your views about this hit or miss………

Summary: Not Recommended !

Swatches 🙂 Observe the visible shimmers.


Comments on: "Colorbar Blush ” Hidden Secrets” Review and Swatches" (16)

  1. nice review Tanmayee… nd thnx forletting us knw abt a dud .. 🙂

  2. nice review …i too have a blush from this range 😉

  3. lol….nice review…..

  4. It practically has glitter in it 😦

  5. nice review Tanmayee.. i also do not like blushes with over the top shimmers..<3

  6. I hate shimmers in blushes!! Nice review 🙂

  7. Glad that u don’t have to own it for a long…haha…thanks for the review will never consider buying it…:)

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