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A mascara which is transparent ! Yes , I though of sharing my ideas on this wonderful beauty rescuer :). I heard about it first when I was in my high school during a beauty show in some TV channel which had a section on make-up  hosted by Samantha Kocchar. From then on my quest for it began, which ultimately ended in Germany, when I found  the “Essence Transparent Mascara”, I shall be reviewing it soon. I dedicate this post to the main idea of using a transparent mascara.

How it looks :

Basically a transparent mascara is clear in appearance, its kind of a gel consistency. It appears like a clear gel fluid. When applied on the lashes it gives a wet cool feeling which goes away when it dries.

How it works:

It makes the lashes look naturally curled and groomed. Once applied it separates out the lashes and holds them in place imparting a natural open look to the eyes. Its ideal for people with thick lashes like me, I find it a lot easy to carry for a day time look. It separates my lashes, grooms them and make the eye look brighter and the lashes look glossy.

Uses of a clear mascara:

  • Lends a more natural look, does not look obvious on the eyes
  • Its does not lend you raccoon eyes, when it washes off in case you get wet or it rains.
  • Curls the lashes and holds them tight. It can also be used after curling the lashes.
  • I use it to tame my eye brows, it grooms the eye brows and keeps them in place, that is the best utility according to me.
  • I have very thick and curled eye lashes, I choose it over regular mascara during the day time to avoid looking over made up.
  • Ideal for office wear.


Street wear mascara can be bought from here: http://www.goodlife.com/street-wear/street-wear-sheer-mascara-01-transparent-sheer/32215/product-detail. Even Avon has a clear mascara.

So what do you guys feel about it ?????

NOTE: The image used is from the internet, its not mine.


Comments on: "Transparent Mascara – How to use it" (16)

  1. I had one from Oriflame. Since I do not have thick lashes, it was a total waste for me. But nice review 🙂

  2. Hi Tanmayee 🙂
    it’s a nice post
    liked the eyebrow grooming tip
    i at tyms use brown mascara to fill in the brows 🙂

  3. Avon transparent mascara is better the StreetWear one, they get flaky soon! I used to use them regularly in high school! I still use the Avon one when I am in hurry!

  4. Thats a great info Tanmayee. Thanks a lot. Never knew about it. Where can we get it in India??

  5. Hope I’m able to find this 🙂

  6. I was looking for this …as I got this product as gift but don’t know how to use it…thanks dear…:)

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