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Up with another review from this wonderful range of products from OlenGin. Their niche is the use of the Dead Sea minerals in their whole plethora of products. Do visit their website for details on their product range.

The Product: The magic mineral facial mud mask from Dr. OlenGin.  I have been using it for about a month. You can view the product here: http://www.olengin.co.il/en/facial-care/19-magic-mineral-facial-mud-mask.html

The look and texture: Its a grey colored mud with a soft creamy texture which is not stiff and spreads easily all over the face.

The aroma: Very soothing and sensual. The aroma is very much  like the way “EverYuth” Cucumber face pack smells.

Description on website: Using Dr. OlenGin’s unique Dead Sea mineral based formulas, our Magic Mineral Facial Mud Mask is highly enriched with Dead Sea minerals, and especially with the Dead Sea mud slit. This deep facial skin cleansing mask cleanses, softens, and stimulates blood circulation, while renewing the skin and restoring its vitality. It also contains Koalin, Propylene Glycol and Aloe Vera that together soothe, absorb and protect the skin, leaving you and your skin feeling alive and radiating.

How effective it is : So lets see how it fares up to the claims mentioned :). It smells awesome and is very easy to apply. Dries up in 15 minutes. I keep it for about 15 minutes twice a week  and then wash off. But in the usage instructions, its mentioned to be kept on for only 2 minutes twice a week after scrubbing.  It does make the skin look smooth and vitalized . Has a soothing and relaxing effect.  when applied, a tingling sensation is felt which is much pronounced, but nothing to worry 🙂 it goes off after sometime. It effectively cleanses and tightens the skin and helps it stay blemish free and glowy.  It does not work on already existent zits or pimples, but its not the what it has claimed ! Rite! Overall a good face pack for inclusion in ones skincare regime. Only a little quantity is required, one 100 ml tube would last you long.

Availability: It would soon be available on Ebay. It can be bought after contacting the company in the following email :info@dr.olengin.com

Summary: An ideal face pack which would suit all skin types and has soothing and tightening effect on the skin. Stays up to the claims it has made.

Product Score: 5/5


 Product send by brand for consideration, but it has not affected the review.


Comments on: "Dr. OlenGin Magic Mineral Facial Mud Mask Review" (10)

  1. Wow Tanu, you’ve got some great products 🙂

  2. Nice review Tanmayee.. 5/5
    Seems a very good product.:)

  3. Wow nice…I will try this….:)

  4. oh i havnt heard of this brand earlier ..

  5. hey Tanmayee, where did you buy the product from??? how much does it cost?? sorry if I missed it in the post but couldn’t find it!!!

    • hey its a sample sent by the brand……… you can buy it from the company directly, pls check on the post ……..I have mentioned the availability 🙂 hope you could fine it …else let me know……..

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