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This post is not something near to make-up or beauty  :). In spite of it, it is in discussion because, in long run, all fashion-holics might find themselves  frolicking to this particular website, for quenching their fashion thirst. Lets read on for more 🙂

Well Have you heard or thought of a term “Merchant’s Twitter” ?? If not lets spend few minutes pondering over it, consider a platform where all merchants (companies, eCommerce sites etc)  get to interact with the consumer in a transparent and candid way.  A open arena, where the merchants play up their offers such as sale, discount, new products on the block etc, in turn mobilizing  the consumer to make a calculated buy 🙂 .

Now, coming back to “Merchant’s Twitter”, I would like to introduce my readers to a synonymous website named http://www.livechant.com/ . An innovative and promising startup from the Silicon City of India, Bangalore. Founded by techies, it holds immense potential and already has 400 merchants registered with them and 600 offers. Dear readers, do visit the website and spread “the word of mouth “.

 LiveChant is a Bangalore based start-up, launched in August 2012 by three founders. As of  now, looks like, they support the Chrome browser only. It is not very much compatible with other browsers. This is owing to the fact that, it is still in Beta Phase, but this limitation would be addressed and very soon it shall be compatible with all browsers. It is a common ground for all consumer aspirations, like offers, new product line, etc where the merchants update their new happenings. A consumer can search for offers, and in case he/she  is looking out for something in particular, and the search does not reveal it, he/she can contact the merchant directly through this platform. Livechant mediates a two way merchant-consumer interaction.

The website aspires to provide a common interacting ground for merchants and consumers, adding to the liquidity of the existing consumer boom. The merchant reaches out with current offers which are published on the site for the consumer to choose from facilitating a judicious buy.  The merchant can update their offers online or even through sms.  Merchants and consumers can register with LiveChant, which is absolutely free and even the consumers can login with their Facebook account to follow any specific offers. If any consumer wants to access a voucher offered by any merchant, he/she can update their email and mobile number in the site and the coupon shall be delivered to them via sms.

Livechant currently has around 400 merchants registered and 600 offers, but all of them are from Bangalore. The founders want to ensure that their concept is successful in Bangalore, and consequently operations shall be commenced in other cities as well.

Note: Image belongs to livechant.

Comments on: "Introducing “LiveChant”, A Mecca Prospective For Merchants" (2)

  1. I think it is a very nice idea and platform which will benefit both the consumers and the sellers or merchants..

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