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Nature’s Essence is a very demure brand which offers some decent products such as the “Lacto Tan Clear” , review coming soon 🙂 and few others as well. Its not available widely but one can find them in local fancy stores. Few months back, I had a sudden bout of acne and an attempt to banish them landed me upon this one. So lets see how it fared.

The color an texture : A light green colored, runny gel which is way to runny to stay on your palms. It does not lather much , I mean  very minimally foaming that too when rubbed vigorously.

The smell :  Smells herby and its not over the top. I like it infact.

My experience: Okay, I must tell you that its still lying unused. I used it for about a week daily only to find it having no effect on the zits . It hardly foams and feels as though some dirt is still left on the face, even after washing off. I really cannot describe its effect, seemed too gentle to clean the skin. I am highly impressed by their “lacto tan clear” cream, but this one is way below.

Price: INR 45

Summary: Not recommended! Leaves the skin feeling unclean and also does not act on pimples. I am disappointed.

Product Score: 2.5/5


Comments on: "Nature’s Essence Neem and Aloevera Face Wash Review" (10)

  1. this product works on my skin very well and its cures pimple if regular used

  2. Thats sad its not upto the expectations 😦
    Will not try it then 🙂

  3. Thanks for the review Tanu, will not buy it 🙂

  4. Ah it’s sad that it comes out as dud….btw nice review..:)

  5. Oh bad that this one didn’t work…It may be too mild to not cause any effect on already sensitive skin.. 😦

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