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Have you heard the name of this brand before??

Okay, its a German brand which offers skincare, bodycare and cosmetics at really affordable prices , and it does so without compromising on quality. That is the best part with skincare there, we get really good stuffs at unimaginable prices. I have used Balea compact, body wash, facial wax strips and lots more, all of which were really good.

Now coming to the hand cream, its a hydrating, softening, smoothening, calming hand cream. I am addicted to it and this one is my last tube 🙂 and unfortunately, I do not have access to more of it. It has a light, water base texture which is thick and immediately has a calming effect on the skin. I so love this effect. I use it sparingly nowadays, as its going to get over soon. Its a must buy, if you have access to it.

Price: Dirt cheap, less than 1 Euro, I think around 80 euro cents.

Summary: Do get this if you get a chance. Very good hand cream and keeps the hands smooth and soft. Only con, not available in India.

Product Score: 4.5/5

Below is the swatch, the color is similar to the TBS olive body butter.


Comments on: "Balea Hand Cream Review" (4)

  1. Seem a nice product..:) nice review dear .:)

  2. Nice product…wish it is available in India …:)

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