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Well, Patanjali products need no introduction. I swear by their Aloevera gel reviewed here : http://celebratingfeminity.com/2012/07/20/patanjali-aloe-vera-gel-review/ and the rose water reviewed here: http://celebratingfeminity.com/2012/08/01/patanjali-rose-water-review/ . Here, I am writing about their all purpose oil called “Tejus Tailum”.

The Look: Its a golden orange-ish colored oil which is light in texture and easy to spread all over and use.

The purpose: Its a all purpose oil which can be used for both hair and body.

The aroma: It smells of incense sticks , yes actually it is as such 🙂  also has a hint of garlic to it, awful. I detest this smell, induces kind of headache in me. If you can bear this smell, it is definitely  going to do some good to you.  The aroma fades away after sometime, but it leaves a hint on the clothes.

My experience: Okay I am happy with this :). I used this as a body oil for my child and it kept his skin soft, smooth an glowing. I did not like the smell, so I used it only thrice a week and also used a baby lotion after his bath to combat the aroma. I also use it , and its ideal for adults too especially for use in winters when the skin feels dry and stretchy. Dry skinned ladies should definitely give this a try. I also, tried it on my hair weekly once and I vouch for it. It made my hair soft, shiny and reduced hair fall to some extent. I applied in the morning upon waking up and washed it off after two hours, putting up a tough fight with its aroma 😛 . Overall a very nice product, I recommend.

Price: I forgot actually, I think INR 70 for 100 ml which is quite economical for this quality

Summary: Go for it !! Ideal mixture of many good oils such as sesame, olive, almond and many other oils which are good for both body and hair.

Product Score: 4/5 , points deducted for the strong smell.


Comments on: "Patanjali Tejus Tailam Review" (14)

  1. darshana ambekar said:

    this oil is suitable for oily and pimple prone skin???? pllz tell me

  2. Oh! I m definitely getting this one! I hv been looking for different oils to make a mixture of them & use them for face & hair, coz I hv read several articles that claim diff benefits of diff oils, like olive oil is of course good,
    coconut oil is anti inflammatory & anti bacterial,
    sandalwood oil is anti marks,
    almond oil is anti ageing &
    sesame oil is very nourishing & gud for dry skin.

    They r natural products & I wanted to try them as night cream coz I hv sensitive, cobination/dry skin. Since it is already a combination oil, I m getting it 🙂

    Thanks for d review.

  3. smells of garlic…lols….my hubby loves garlic in his food and he’s a big fan of Patanjali stuff (we get amla jiuce from there every 10/15 days)….I’ll ask him to get this one as well ..If not anything else, I will use it as maalish ka teil for the baby 😀

  4. i generally dont prefer all in one products bt this looks interesting

  5. I will get a sniff of it next time i am at the store cause i have a sensitive nose.Otherwise it sounds really good. 🙂

  6. u know what, I like this oil because I like the arome minus the fact that it leaves behind its aroma in the clothes.

  7. It has a nice combo of different oils 🙂

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