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I tried a few products from this brand such as their face massage cream and shampoo and they put up to my expectations. This was about two years back 🙂 so, around five months back I bought their under eye gel. I do not have any issue with my eye area, no dark circles or puffiness and use an under eye gel just as a preventive measure :).

The look and texture: An orange colored gel which is little sticky and spreads easily.

The Aroma: Not overbearing and has a faint smell which goes away in moments.

My experience: As I mentioned above, I do not have any issue with my eye area. So, I cannot actually tell if it works on dark circles or puffiness or wrinkles/fine lines. As far as my knowledge goes with this 🙂 , I can say that it keeps the eye area smooth and moisturized. Sometimes if I have less sleep at night, I wake up with faint rings around my eyes and when I apply this it seems as though they fade away with time. I am very sorry, as I cannot comment much on this but if you do not have any issues with your eye area, then you can go for it. It keeps the area hydrated and smooth and bright.

Price: INR 130

Summary: Worth trying, price is also decent. If you do not have much issues with your eye area then go for it. It could be a ideal preventive and eye area maintenance gel.

Product Score: 3.5/5


Comments on: "Richfeel UnderEye Gel Review" (6)

  1. Sounds interesting!! Will give this one a try

  2. Even i use eye gel as a preventive measure.
    i have seen this brand but have not tried it yet.

  3. Richfeel products are quite good 🙂

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