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Someday back I did a post on my current skin care regimen. The cetaphil cleansing lotion which I am reviewing in this post is my favorite cleanser, which I have been using since quite a while. I have also used the cream and moisturizing lotion from the same brand which I shall review in my coming posts. This one is easily available in pharmacies across the country.

The Look and Texture : Its a light translucent colorless liquid or fluid, which spreads easily over the face. It can be taken on the palm and then applied all over the face. Only a little quantity of the liquid is required.

The Ingredients : Though the ingredients comprise of alcohols, its not at all drying on the face.

The Aroma: It does not have any smell, which I really like.

My Experience: I love this cleanser ! Is it enough??

A cleansing lotion for sensitive skin is the one which attracted me towards it. My skin is sometimes graced by pimples which is when it becomes very sensitive, so I decided to try this about one month back.  I use it usually in the morning, just spread it over my face, massage for sometime and then wash off. My skin feels sqeaky clean and calm. Though it feels like a moisturizer when applied, but it does not feel greasy after washing off. Also, does not strip the skin of the moisture and keep the skin balanced. I also feel it reduces the appearance of zits. Overall a very good cleanser for all skin types.

Price: INR 136

Summary: Highly recommended! Very good cleanser for all skin types and it does so without striping the skin of its moisture. No cons for this :). Also, good for sensitive acne prone skin.

Product Score: 5/5


Comments on: "Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion For Sensitive Skin Review" (12)

  1. hi
    this is vijji
    acne marks problems so i use this product
    any side effects this product

  2. I use this when I get some breakouts and it works better that way for me…I don’t use it regularly…Nice review Tanu…Its a big hit and we know why :))

  3. Me too was using this and now switched off…I have super oily skin so this won’t help…Nice review Tan…:)

  4. Hey Tanu, I’ve been told this helps reduce acne, is it true ???

  5. I have used it and loved it, it is very good.definitely a must have, 🙂

  6. I love this too. Haven’t use soap on my face for almost 3 years now. And thats right, this product has no cons 🙂 Nice review!!!

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