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A calamine lotion with aloevera ! Calamine+Aloevera  makes it Caloe :). I had reviewed the Dermadew Aloe Lotion earlier here : http://celebratingfeminity.com/2012/05/11/derma-dew-aloe-cream-review/ .

Both the products are very good on skin, I am happy :). Lets see how the Dermadew Caloe Lotion fares.

The Look and Texture: Its a peachy pink colored, thick liquid much similiar to other calamine lotions, but the texture is thicker and heavy, but spreads easily.

The Smell: Its has kind of floral notes, its strong to my nose but it depends, some may not find it that strong. However, it fades away with time.


My Experience: Though its thick, it spreads evenly all over the face and lends a glow to the skin immediately upon application, acts like a low profile tinted moisturizer :). Its prescribed by dermatologists on many skin conditions such as rash, acne etc and even for marks treatment. But, it could be drying on the skin, and in case of dry skin conditions and related rashes, it is better to avoid it. One of my cousins got a burn on her face while cooking, which had left its mark, but  regular application of this cream topically, erased the mark completely over time. It also acts on pimples, I apply it all over my face and locally on pimples , it dries them overnight and also reduces in size.  Though, its a calamine lotion, its not that drying, that is because of the presence of aloevera in it. Hence, dry skinned people can also give this a try. Overall, its a great complexion enhancer.

Price: INR 180 for 100 ml.

Summary: Highly recommended! A calamine lotion, which is not that drying, so dry skinned people can also use it to treat their skin ailments. Works on rashes, acne and the marks on face as well. Helps remove burn marks as well. Overall a great lotion.

Product Score: 5/5


Comments on: "Dermadew Caloe Cream Review" (30)

  1. […] Dermadew Caloe Cream Review |. – 01.10.2012  · I have some pimples ,and sensative skin,can i use this cream for glow? […]

  2. I have some pimples ,and sensative skin,can i use this cream for glow?

  3. i need nevlon caleo lotion

  4. this is nevlon caleo lotion

  5. I have pimple and acne marks can I use as regular day cream

  6. abhishek said:

    i have oily skin, pimples marks on my face and cut marks can Dermadew removes those marks

  7. Is it safe for baby’s?

  8. My doctor recommended this lotion for my 7 months old baby since she had allergy and dryness in her skin. Is it safe to use for the baby’s skin?

  9. My doctor recommended for my 8 months old baby since she had some allergy an dryness. Is it safe using it for my baby..?

  10. Hi,

  11. pankaj kumar said:

    My face acne pimpler use cream and soap name

  12. pankaj kumar said:

    my face acne

  13. Devendra Baghel said:

    Dr. suggested me this lotion will it be useful during acne and pimples?

  14. my face skin is oily dry combination can i use it to remove pimple marks from my face

  15. shivi rathore said:

    Hi.. Due to pimples and acne my skin has become rough. Can i use this lotion to make my skin smooth? Does it helps in removing pimple marks?

  16. I have pimples and pimple marks on my face..mine is oil face..can i use this cream or gel

  17. prem swaroop said:

    will it work on pimple marks ?but i got glow on my face.

  18. I have Chicken Pox marks on my face. My doctor prescribed this one. I will try this and comeback with results.

  19. i have chiken pox marks will this be helpful?

  20. Is it available at local chemists..I have not heard the name before so just asking…the product sounds promising..I do hv acne marks on my face and I have combination skin..do you think it will work on those????

  21. Nice review ….it’s seem to be nice product…:)

  22. It seems a very good product. I have used lactocalamine lotion.:)

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