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Just Herbs™- the pure, bespoke and Ayurvedic skincare label has introduced effective and results-driven skincare products derived from organically grown Vetiver– a tall grass native to India- and used in Ayurveda for its skincare benefits since antiquity. 

The products include : I’Mint– a 100% natural nourishing and toning pack enhanced with the synergistic combination of Vetiver and green tea, Plump-up– a wrinkle minimiser suited for oily or combination skin and Cascade, a day care lotion containing Aloe Vera and Wheatgerm in addition to Vetiver. 

Vetiver (also called Khus in India) is a tall grass native to India and Just Herbs products use the oil derived from the roots of this grass through a process of steam distillation. “Vetiver’s skin regenerative properties make it excellent for healing tired and stressed skin and to restore a youthful appearance,” says Dr. Neena Chopra, Director, Beauty and Technical, Just Herbs.

 On the skin, it has a nourishing and moisturizing effect and is useful for dry, irritated or dehydrated skin” further added Dr Neena Chopra 

The detailed description of the new launches 🙂 are as follows :

Just Herbs I ‘Mint Green Tea-Vetiver Nourishing and Toning Pack (Rs. 295 for 60 gms) 

A natural skin tonic to nourish and hydrate the fragile eye area suitable for all skin types. It boosts microcirculation in the capillaries and strengthens the collagen-elastin matrix, lack of which shows as dark circles through the thin skin around the eye area. Vetiver and green tea, combined with wonder herbs buchnania lanzan and madder root help fade away blemishes, lighten the skin and provide tone and elasticity.

Cascade Moisturising Day Care Lotion (Rs. 345 for 100 ml)

This day care lotion is reinforced with the hydrating action of Aloe Vera and antioxidant properties of Wheatgerm oil in addition to Vetiver. It restores moisture to the deepest layers of skin, and helps the skin to maintain its natural moisture thus plumping up fine lines that occur as a result of dryness. Vetiver helps rejuvenate the skin and improves skin regeneration process to enhance collagen elasticity thus improving the vital capacity of the skin to retain moisture. A perfect base for make-up, it leaves the skin satin smooth all day long. For best results apply on damp skin just after bath.

Plumpup age-defying Anti-Wrinkle Gel (day repair) Rs. 495 for 50 gms.

A wrinkle minimiser in the form of a translucent gel, for intensive nourishment of the skin through the day. The natural antioxidant effects of its fruit oils protect the skin from oxidative sun damage and environment induced skin conditions. Vetiver, along with Indian Ginseng and fennel rejuvenate aging skin, strengthen the collagen matrix and boost immune functions to give it a firm and a youthful appearance. 

Please feel free to share with us your thoughts on this range! Which one tempts you the most ??  

PS: Info provided by company PR 


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  1. woww Tanmayee Cool products they are…Thank you for sharing dear…

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