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I have been thinking about doing a post on makeup brushes since quite a while . These brushes are collected over a period of time. I was not much into eye make up until I started my blog, but even then I  had a few eye make up brushes, all of which are about a year old.  All of my brushes are bought singly, at random shopping escapades and I do aspire to order a sigma brush set or a Coastal Scents one soon :).

1. The Foundation Brush : The brush I use is a basic liquid foundation brush from a brand called “Ebelin”, bought from Germany. Its a pretty decent brush, with soft bristles, which help in smooth blending of liquid foundation. Also, its washable and I have washed it many times without any loss of bristles. I took its snap after washing, so the pic look bit weird.

2. The Blush Brush : The blush brush I am using is from Dubai, a brand called “Editors Picks”, Its pretty decent, helps in applying the blush effortlessly and also picks up very little amount so that I do not go overboard.  Sorry, its looking dirty with all the blush on it 😦

3. The Eye Brushes : The first two brushes from the left are flat shader brushes. The first one is from Faces and the second is from a German brand called “For your Beauty”. I own two flat shader brushes from Faces.

I love both of them, very convenient and easy to use. The third brush, that is the tallest one here, is a blending brush from Oriflame, which is not that good, it has a very long handle, which I find difficult to use. The Purple brush is a crease brush from Essence which I adore, very useful for smokey eye looks.

4. The Angled eye brush and the lip brush : Both the brushes are from Vega. They are good for beginners actually. I do not like the lip brush much as it feels very hard on the lips. The angled brush is decent as per the price its comes for though some of the bristles get disintegrated with use.

Do share your thoughts on your favourite brushes ! Hope you liked reading my post 🙂


Comments on: "The Make-Up Brushes, I Generally Use" (14)

  1. Nice post

  2. hey tell me where to get the sigma brushes???

  3. I actually own only 1 brush and that is faces eyeshadow brush 😀 i love love love it..I dont need any other brush for creating eyemakeup looks..Im just waiting for CS sale so that i can order one of their sets this year 😀

    • celebrating feminity said:

      Yes evn me , I am waiting for the CS sale….nice that one brush is suffucient for you!

  4. Useful brushes are hard to find. Really. I have the Faces brush too and I adore it!

  5. Nice post Tanu 🙂

  6. I have the same vega angled brush,, 🙂
    I use it for filling in my eyebrows.

  7. i only use vega brushes…or of course nail art ones haha…btw nice post..:)

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