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I am really enthusiastic about this contest. Do visit Ankita’s blog and have a look at the contest link here: http://corallista.com/2012/10/12/announcing-lakme-corallista-eyeconic-eyes-contest/

Inspite of busy schedule with a naugthy kid around, I conjured up three looks in three subsequent afternoons :). Hope you like my attempt !

Look 1:  Visit here : http://celebratingfeminity.com/2012/10/31/my-entry-for-corallista-lakme-eye-makeup-contest/

Look 2: Amethyst Spark

This is a jewel toned look, inspired by the pinkish purple color of the stone amethyst. This is a party look, could be paired with neutral pink lips and a natural looking blush . I have lined my eyes using a purple color, softly using an angled brush both on the upper and lower lash line, which makes the look soft yet defined.

Look 3: Ocean Placid

This is a complete eye pencil look, inspired by ocean hues. I used four colors of eye pencils to achieve this which are, Silver, Turquoise blue, Grey and Nude/ skin . Used a Q-tip bud to blend and clarify it. Used the silver and blue on the upper lash line and grey on the lower lash line. Also added a touch of silver to the inner corners and lined my eyes with a skin colored eye pencil, to make the look appear cool, more open and soft. The look is very much wearable and easy to do, even by beginners.


Hope you liked them 🙂 Do rop in your thoughts 🙂


Comments on: "My Second and Third Entry for Corallista and Lakme Eye Makeup Contest" (8)

  1. All of them are wonderful Tanu, hope you win 🙂

  2. I loved all three of ur entries! each one of them is so fabulous! I would love to try the third one but im sure I wont be this good!

  3. Very nice entries Tanmayee.:) I have seen them there.!

  4. Very pretty looks….I like all 3 ….:)

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