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You might be surprised why I did not write the full name of the product on the main header, yes I was lazy to write the complicated name 🙂 . So, I am going forward and reviewing it as patanjali Almond Oil. This is an amazing product like most other Patanjali products I have used .

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The Look : A simple plain Almond Oil, which is pure and untouched. It has no apparent aroma and is light and non greasy in texture.

My Say: I love it 🙂 . Its an all purpose oil which can be used as a hair oil or nourishing skin oil. An an hair oil, it makes the hair soft and shiny , keeps the tresses nourished. Also, it moisturizes the hair ends to a great extent. I generally tend to get split ends, when My hair grows beyond a particular length, this time I did not notice any. But, I am not quite sure, if it is its effect :). Oiling the hair with warm almond oil and then massaging gently following it up with a turban therapy, really keeps the hair glossy and shiny.

As a skin nourisher, it makes the skin smooth and soft. I have oily-combination skin, and I used this daily on my face before sleeping since the past one month. I have seen a change in the way it looks, its more soft and glowing. Also, keeps the dark circles or tiredness around the eyes at bay. I do not have issue of dark circles though.  To mention, it never broke me out. But, I would advise you to exercise caution if you have oily/acne prone skin.

On the bottle its is mentioned it acts as a good stress reliever when used on nose and ears, only few drops. Also, it is good for the brain when used with milk. Overall, its a great oil to have in one’s house.

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Price: INR 100

Summary: Highly recommended! Do get this  for your hair, you would not regret. For people with acne prone skin,or oily skin , I would advice for use with caution.It is good for dry skin though. Also can be used as an under eye oil.

Product Score: 5/5

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Comments on: "Patanjali Almond Oil Review" (6)

  1. manisha said:

    Can i give to my 7 month old son… with milk..?

  2. Is it edible also ???? I usually buy Hamdard Rogan Badam Shirin, might try this Patanjali one for hair as well..Of late, my hair is looking very dull 😦

  3. i m gonna get this soon.. i just now finished my dabur almond oil.. it was good too.. but this one is price gr8.. 🙂

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