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I have been using this makeup remover since past one and half years and I must say it is really really good. Its gentle, and cleans the makeup to the “T”, that is perfectly 🙂 .

Thought its an eye makeup remover, it cleans the rest of the makeup as good as it removes the eye makeup. This is a steal for the price and quality. Some words on the importance of a make-up remover. Yes, it very much imperative to use one, because strains of makeup even if very less is harmful for the skin. Normal cleansers do not clean the skin thoroughly of makeup and some residues are always left behind. So to keep the skin healthy and free of blemishes, usage of a makeup remover is advised.

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The Look : It is a bi-phased make-up remover, an emulsion of oil and water. Its half  light blue and half water, and it needs to be shaked well before use.

The Aroma: No smell.

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My experience: I am by far too happy with this, infact its much better than the maybelline one which I used earlier. It absolutely cleans the skin of make-up and is not harsh on the skin. I usually use it on a cotton pad and wipe my face with it. After that I wash my face with my regular cleanser because the skin feels oily after its use. This is partly oil and water.

It did not break my skin out or have any adverse reactions on my skin. I am happy 🙂

Price: I do not remember exactly, but yes within 2.5 Euros.

Summary: I am happy , do try it if you get a chance and I am sure it would make you happy too!

Product Score: 4.5/5

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Comments on: "Essence Eye Makeup Remover Review" (5)

  1. Nice review Tanu 🙂

  2. Nice review dear.:)
    i want to try it too, if i get a chance.

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