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So, all of my dear readers know that I love to wear Red, especially on my lips 🙂 . Infact, I am obsessed with the color and to add to my stash of red lipsticks, I hereby present the most lovely, the most wearable, the most smooth, the most …… the most…… ….  RED LIPSTICK , that too on a budget ! what more could I ask for ! Yes, its the “Pleasure me Red” from the Colorsensational range of Maybelline lipsticks.


The Shade: A very pretty, wearable deep red with warm undertones. It is not stark or neonish, so the dusky skinned ladies out there, do pay heed 🙂


The texture and pigmentation: Very smooth and intense pigmentation. Also leaves a stain behind after eating and drinking. Usually lasts longer than most Colorsensational lipsticks.

The Lastability:  Lasts for upto four hours, if you do not eat or drink. Else leaves a stain behind.


My experience: One of my favourite red colored lipsticks, it does not stand out or is neonish like “Ruby woo”, in fact,  very easy to carry. So, all those who are “Red Phobic”, do check it out. It would make an ideal red lipstick for weddings, both for the bride and the guests, ladies of course :P. Also leaves a tint behind after wearing off and could also be worn as a stain. The texture is very smooth and hydrating. It does not dry out the lips or accentuate the fine lines of the lips. Though, it might tend to bleed in summers, so the usage of a lip liner is advised then. Else, it does not bleed and applies neat. I mentioned about it because, it seems the bullet would soften up in summers and high temperatures.

download (27)

download (7)

The Price: INR 350, yes price hike my dear friends!

Summary: A red lipstick which deserves to be  the first red lipstick of some beautiful woman, who has not had her tryst with the color “Red” yet! Definitley a must have lipstick and color , on budget. I am impressed. This is especially made for dusky beauties, because it tends towards maroon and is not at all stark or neon in appearance. The quality as per price is great.

download (29)

Product Score: 4.5/5


Comments on: "Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick “Pleasure me Red” Review and Swatch" (8)

  1. Well reviewed dear .Buying it on my next shopping spree . And it looks good on you too .

  2. looks graet on u tanu

  3. This is lovely shade and I have pinky shade from this range loved it a lot…Nice Review Dear…..

  4. OMG… great color. Looks good on you dear!!..<3

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