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The recently concluded Indiblogger meet in Bangalore sponsored by HP was another chance for us, the crazy gang to have a great afternoon of fun and humor. The moment I reached the venue and registered for the event, I found my eyes wandering to catch a glimpse of the gang and join the table. Finally, I saw them perched around a table among the back benchers , in a jiffy I sat there, all toothy grin, the fun had begun. The meeting commenced with a note of “ thirty seconds of fame”, and it was all fun, we got to see quite a few innovative blogger self introductions and saw one them carry a HP Printer, back home. There was a shower of USB drives and books, it was all spontaneous and fun throughout. Also, the high tea towards the end of the function had delectable items to cater to our gastronomic delights.

The meeting revolved around the premise of being original and genuine rather than to be spurious. It was an initiative by HP to create awareness against the usage of counterfeit or forged products, for instance the HP printer cartridges. The market is flooded with counterfeit cartridges, which might seem to out weigh the genuine ones in terms of price and availability, but the long term benefits of using a Original one surpasses those of the forged cartridges. The illustrations in the coming paragraphs would unravel further into this.

The idea to own a replica of high end brand, which appears to have almost the same quality as the original, at a much lower price lures many of us to buy spurious items. I want to cite an example of MAC cosmetics, which is a high end brand offering great quality make-up at substantially higher price range. The range of products, which the company offers is unparalleled but yes, it might not be easily affordable. Here lies the opportunity for some fake make-up companies, which produce and package their counterfeit products under the name of MAC, in a way that it becomes  impossible to differentiate at times. Though, these products might use the MAC banner, their product is no match to the original, and in long term pose risk of related skin diseases. Thus we see that, although the procurement cost is presumably low, the long term sustainability is very high. Likewise, the acquisition cost of the genuine HP Printer cartridges might be higher than that of counterfeit ones, but the complete cost of ownership of a spurious cartridge is higher in the long run. Moreover, the in-genuine cartridges can result in software or hardware malfunction of the printer, which in turn makes the device warranty void. Studies made in relation to this and the resultant data produced by a third party shows that one out of two counterfeit cartridges, is not compatible with the HP printer.

One of the aspects in favor of forged cartridges that was unanimous in the blogger meet was its cheaper cost and ready availability. To address these points, HP recently came up with cartridges priced at INR 449 , capable of printing six hundred pages making the printing cost per page to be INR 0.75 or 75 paise only. This makes it cheaper than the cheapest candy available in the market 🙂 . To add to the demerits of a counterfeit cartridge, the print quality of which progressively deteriorates with each subsequent page printed. Finally, to make it easily available, HP has a toll free number 1800-425-4999 where one can dial for a cartridge and have it delivered at their doorstep.

To ensure the genuineness of the cartridge, HP directs its users to manually examine the label, else do a verification of the QR code or, validate the new security label online by visiting the following link: http://h41105.www4.hp.com/ok/us/en/ . For more details on this, do visit the link here : http://h20423.www2.hp.com/program/fraud/in/en/fraud_identify.asp#m1 . In addition to this, HP warns its users to beware of cartridges sold without the HP packaging, check for the genuine HP security seal and ask if the product is re-manufactured, if it is re-manufactured then it is mostly not a HP cartridge.

It is always imperative to opt for genuine products, because they offer long term sustainability and peace of mind. The meet by HP and Indiblogger made us aware of the long term short comings of counterfeit products. So, before getting lured by cheap and easily available forged products, a thought ought to be spared, whether it is worth to buy a copy !


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