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So finally I am reviewing this product, a hair minimizing lotion about which I had written an introductory post few months back here:http://celebratingfeminity.com/2012/11/20/romantaque-post-hair-removal-hair-minimizer-an-introduction/

Read on to find out whether it actually delivers what it claims!

The product: A hair minimizing lotion called Romantaque which literally means “hair destroyer”

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The color and texture: A white colored runny fluid which is not too oily or drying on the skin. Owing to its light texture, it spreads easily and blends into skin. So a little quantity is enough.

The aroma: Floral jasmine like smell

The Packaging: Its sturdy and travel friendly, comes with a flip flop cap.

My experience: I have used this for two cycles of hair removal over a period of three months. The reason  I have taken quite some time to review  is that I wanted my review to be apt and justified to the product’s deliverance. So, the good thing . is, it reduced hair growth considerably.

The first time I applied this post waxing was about three months ago. As directed, I used it for ten consecutive days on my hands post hair removal. Initially I was apprehensive,  that it might cause allergic reactions on my skin, but I was quite surprised to find that it fared otherwise. It suited my skin and did not cause any untoward reactions. During the first cycle, I saw the stubs coming back after one month from the day I waxed, which grew fully after fifteen more days. So, it delayed my hair regrowth to over one and half months from the usual, within a months time.

This is a great relief for a mother like me, who has to adjust odds to find time for a salon visit for waxing. With the second cycle, I was convinced that it reduced the hair regrowth considerably and also with subsequent use the time between each regrowth increased. It is really amazing, first of its kind product that I have tried. I had expected it to have a thinning effect on hair texture, but did not observe any.

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To summarize the positive and negative aspects 🙂


  1. It did not cause any allergic reactions, the thing I was most worried about.
  2. Spreads easily due to its light texture and does not clog pores
  3. A little quantity is required, owing to its light runny texture
  4. It does minimize hair regrowth as per claims, elongating the time between post hair removal and hair regrowth .
  5. With subsequent use, the delay mentioned in point 4 might increase.


  1. It does not any effect on the hair that grows back, I expected it to be thinner.
  2. The smell may be a turn off for the sensitive nose
  3. The price is on the higher side, which might not suit everyone’s budget.

Price: INR 1500 for 50 gms

Product Score: 4/5

More details here on how to get it !

Blog: where to reach and buy  http://romantaque.blogspot.in/2012/10/where-to-reach-and-buy-romantaque.html

Blog : How to use Romantaque   http://romantaque.blogspot.in/2012/09/how-to-use-romantaque.html


Product sent by brand for consideration, the review is honest as usual.


Comments on: "Romantaque Hair Minimizing Lotion Review" (3)

  1. articalandfashionknowledge said:

    i never try these kind of stuff but it sound interesting
    keep in touch if you like

  2. Nice Review dear… 😀

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