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Few months back , I was undergoing a spell of endless hair loss, that I could find clumps whenever I ran my hands through my mane. This let out a shiver through me, and I was on the lookout of some potion which could arrest it right away. During one of those hopping, I thought I ought to give this shampoo a try :). Just to mention, my hair fall was due to water in the area I lived, some days back we shifted which put an end to this unruly loss of mane, though some amount still exists which I feel is within limits.

download (1)

The color and texture : A runny transparent liquid.

The smell: Woody and berry, its difficult to describe actually ! Yes, I can assure it shall not bother you, as it disappears after drying.

My experience: Yes it does volumize , makes the hair look fluffy , though not like it resembles a bird’s nest 😛 . When used alone, without a conditioner the effect is more pronounced and the hair looks more dry , so I make it a point to use a conditioner always when I shampoo with  this. The result is to some extent volume infused hair. It is drying in nature, so people with dry hair should avoid it for good. Ideally it would suit , normal to oily hair like mine. Over all, a  shampoo worth trying, which adds some volume to the tresses.

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Price: INR 550

Summary: Volumizes to some extent, it is ideal for oily hair and might be good for normal hair type too. People with dry hair should better avoid it, as it has drying properties. Also, a conditioner is a must when this is used.

Product Score: 3.5/5..


Comments on: "The Body Shop Guarana Berry Volumizing Shampoo Review" (8)

  1. Nice review dear.:)
    I think its better for normal hair rather than the dry na..
    I have not tried there shampoos yet.:)

  2. i have the conditioner of this and quite like it 🙂
    nice review:)

  3. wohoo.. this fits my bill perfectly.. gonna pick it once all my current shampoos are over..

    thanku tanmayee 🙂

  4. Nice review 🙂
    But I have dry hair off late :(. Want to give their Rainforest range a try but after the price hike I think I’ll have to skip that too 😦

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