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Sunscreens, actually has become an in disposable component in modern day skin care , with Lakme making the advent in mid nineties 🙂 . I still remember the creamy white bottle with orange inscriptions, then my mother bought it for her and my curiosity got the better of me and even I started using that.

Now, when the market is populated with varieties of sunscreens, I make it a point to change my sunscreen every six months. In one of these pursuits, I bought this and this is pretty decent though the SPF level is on the lower side.


The color: A thick white emulsion

The aroma: Very fresh cucumber like smell.

My experience: It is a decent sunscreen, which is not oily and gives a nice matte finish to the skin. Also it adheres to the skin forming a layer, which cannot be felt. I realized this effect when I washed my face within an hour of application, that i saw it wearing off. Though if you wash after a long time, you cannot see it ! My only concern is the low SPF. The claim of fairness is not exactly true, it does seem to add some glow , but fairness ?? tall claim!

It does not leave any whitish cast and gets absorbed completely into the skin. The only pull back aspect is once again, Low SPF !



Price: INR 180 for 200 ml

Summary: Decent sunscreen, great for all skin types. Does not makes the skin greasy or oily and the skin looks bright and glowing . The con I feel is the low SPF rating.

Product Score: 3.5/5


Comments on: "Lakme Sun Expert Fairness Lotion SPF 24 Review" (6)

  1. nice review babe! I have never tried any lakme skin care products ever. Still dont know what to start with.

  2. nieshajeenwal said:

    Nice review dear. even I like to change my sunscreen every time I am looking for a new one.:) I am using the lotus gel one that is great for my skin type.:)

  3. Its looking good but I don’t know whether it will suit my skin. I could never use sunscreen lotion coz it always leaves a greyish residue on my skin, which looks really horrible. But there’s no greyish residue on your hand. Will it suit my skin tone??

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