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Long back, around six months ago I hauled from Coastal Scents, but the tight schedule which comes with being a mom barred me from reviewing this  :), as it is going to be a considerably long post . My passion for makeup started with my blog, and for long I wanted to own a full range makeup brush set. Since, Coastal scents has a good name when it comes to beauty tools, I thought to invest in this.



The set comprises of twelve brushes which are very soft and easy to handle. If you are a beginner, you should definitely reserve some thoughts for this. I washed them twice, and did not notice any shedding of bristles. Overall, I am happy 🙂 All the brushes have long handles and have a total length of eight inches.

To explain the brushes elaborately , Please excuse me as some of the brushes require a wash.

download (22)

1) Powder Brush:  The brush has a big round fluffy head. The bristles are very soft and they pick sufficient amount of powder and can be easily swiped all over the face to achieve that matte flawless look.

download (23)

2) Contour/ Blush Brush: This is an angled brush, which can be used to contour as well as apply blush. The bristles are soft and enable a neat and smooth application.

download (20)

3) Foundation Brush: This is a flat foundation brush. It enables effortless blending of liquid foundation.

download (21)

4) Flat Eyeshadow Brush: It is a flat eye shadow applicator brush, with very soft bristles. This is pretty decent, but I feel it is too large and covers a considerable area of the eye lid at a time. Owing to this, it is difficult to cater to the details.

download (19)

5) Crease Brush: This is a ideal brush for blending and creating smokey eyes. This has the ideal girth and pointed end, which make it an ideal detailing brush too.

download (25)

6) Doe-foot Eye shadow brush: Again great for applying and blending eye shadow, all over the lid. I use this when I have to apply a single eye shadow and blend.

download (24)

7) Concealer Brush: It is a flat detail brush, which can be used to apply concealer and do minor corrections, if required. The texture of this is stiffer than the previous ones.

download (17)

8) Bent Brush: Great for application of gel-liners .

download (18)

9) Small detail brush: It is similar to the concealer brush, except that it has shorter bristles.

download (16)

10) Angled brushed: This is a must have in any brush collection. It can be used to apply eye liner, fill up brows etc. The texture of this is stiffer than previous brushes, but it is soft enough not to tug or pull the lids.

download (15)

11) Lash/ brow Comb: Just as the name goes, it is pretty clear:) . I find this pretty useless.


12) Lip Brush: This is a great lip brush. The bristles are soft and the design of the brush makes, application of lipsticks a dream.

To pick my favorites of the lot, the Angled Brush, Lip Brush , Crease Brush and the Contour/ blush Brush are my most loved ones.

Price: I bought it at 50% discount from Coastal Scents Website during a sale. I paid $ 8.99 for the brush set. Also teh shipping charges shall amount to $ 14.

Summary: Whether a beginner or a Pro, I guess these brushes would do justice 🙂 If you could grab this on a sale, this would be the icing on your cake!

Product Score: 4.5/5 , availability is an issue as they can only be bought from Coastal Scents website.


Comments on: "Coastal Scents Twelve Piece Brush Set Review" (16)

  1. It is such a great sett… The shipping was a detterrant otherwise I was determined to get hold on this brush kit.. will try next time..
    I wanna grab soem hot pots and concealer palette… 🙂

  2. I own one and absolutely love this…nice clicks dear 🙂

  3. OMG such an awesome brush set, I so want to own a brush set or kit but I think these kits are not in my kismat, no one lets me buy them 😥

  4. Great review and availability is a big issue , why don’t some drugstore brand launch such good brushes ? 😦

  5. Beauty Frontline said:

    Availability is big issue 😦 Great review hun ❤ xo

  6. Nice review….I am eyeing on these from a long time…waiting for the good offers to come..:)

  7. seems good brushes….i am eyeing on RT brushes now..:)

  8. nieshajeenwal said:

    Great set of brushes dear.. I am using the ones i got from BIC but i really want to try these and their palettes too. Even my love for makeup started with my blog too.:)

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