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Hey tanmayee I’m lik a realy big fan of us. Love the way u wear ua make up. I v actualy followd all of your reviews on ‘jus for girls’ n its helpd me a lot. I jus need a lill help fm u bt. Weneva I wear make up it lands up lookin powdery. help. I’m an amateur wen it cums to makeup so hav jus been usin it the way mom does. 
I use garnier bb cream ten maybelline dream matte mouse ten the eye make up the lip make up n cover girl compact at d end. I don’t no y it alws jus lands up lookin powdery. Hw to get tat shiny creamy look n nt d powdery caked look?? Pls guide me. Thanx



Thanks a lot Pallavi for your sweet words and that you find my posts helpful . This is a great encouragement for me as a beauty blogger 🙂 .

First of all my question is which Maybelline dream mousse you use? Do you use the liquid foundation airbrush finish ??

Secondly, It is very important to know your skin type before going forward with make-up or anything beauty related. If you have dry skin, a moisturizing liquid foundation would suit you well else if it tends towards being oily, you could use a foundation which is matte finish and lends a more matte look. Also it is very important to moisturize your face before applying makeup. This would help the make-up get absorbed better and lend a dewy finish.

So basically what is your skin type? normal to oily ?? or normal to dry?

I always use a moisturizer, mostly I use baby lotion before starting with putting anything else. Then I apply a stick foundation/concealer like Maybelline BB Stick and then blend it properly followed by light swipe of compact powder with a powder brush.. If I wish to go for heavier coverage, I apply Maybelline Dream matte mousse foundation airbrush finish  on top the BB stick and then set it with powder.

It is very important to choose a foundation color close to your skin tone, and blend it properly. you can use your finger-tips or a foundation brush, preferably after wetting it with water/rose water.

Hope this helps you 🙂 and do drop further queries on the comments section.





Comments on: "Reader Query: How to Choose Correct Make-up" (5)

  1. pallavi said:

    Heyy I use the maybelline dream matte mouse honey beige medium 4 foundation. Wads liquid foundation air brush finish? n my skin type is oily. Like my nose gts oily after sumtime.

    • Okay this is the one which I also use… that is a very good foundation which gives a dewy look to face…. Try as I have told, moisturizing your face…and blending nicely…also this foundation is reqd in very less amount, it blends and spreads well… use sparsely..and also , if you don’t have oily skin, you can avoid the powder alltogether..

  2. Debarati said:

    Simple and useful..

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