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I had some unused coffee beans lying on my kitchen shelf and thought of putting it to use by making a body scrub. This scrub works wonders for my skin and makes it smooth and soft. I can vouch for the visible smoothening effect it had on my upper arms. My upper arms had been quite rough and gritty due to over active sebaceous glands and this scrub has reduced the roughness to a great extent.

So let me go ahead with the recipe.


  1. Whole Coffee Beans
  2. Granulated Sugar
  3. Any Oil like Coconut, Olive, Almond or Sesame . I used Coconut.
  4. A Jar with a lid for storing.
  5. Vanilla Essence (optional)


  1. Take the Coffee beans and grind it in a mixer ensuring that its not finely ground, it needs to be granular.


2. Mix it with equal amount of sugar in the jar, which you would like to store it.


3. Pour Coconut Oil on top and mix it properly.you can also put few drops of vanilla essence to make it smell delicious.



Your DIY scrub it ready!

It does work wonders , but be careful to not apply it to your face, as it could be abrasive. The scrub can be stored in a tight-lid container for up to two months weeks or even more, in a refrigerator. This also works as a good foot scrub as well. A very effective scrub, which is worth a dime. You would stop buying scrubs altogether :). But, one should be careful and make sure they are not allergic to the ingredients.

Share your thoughts and do let me know, how you feel after trying this.


Comments on: "DIY: Coffee Body Scrub" (14)

  1. It looks great, thank you for sharing this Tanu.:)
    I like scrubs will try this one too!

  2. I’m going to give it a shot this weekend … A Coffee lover in me is drooling over 😉

  3. Nice recipe.. Will try it out sometime 🙂

  4. very nice post tanu..
    will try it soon 🙂

  5. kofykat said:

    Ooo, looks fabulous. Although I’d rather drnk my coffee.

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