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I am going very brief here 🙂






The Look: Thick creamy emulsion with micro granules which provide a mild scrubbing effect.

The aroma: Very nutty , an amalgamation of coconut and vanilla smell.

My view: Very creamy and smooth in texture of the liquid that lathers to a luxurious lather, making the bathing experience intensely aromatic. Very much hydrating on skin and is ideal for winters. Highly recommended !



This can give The Body Shop, a run for their money , lol  , I guess this explains.

Price: INR 125, which is very economical 🙂

Product Score: 4/5


Comments on: "Palmolive Thermal Spa Body Wash – Crushed Coconut and Jojoba" (5)

  1. Haha very nicely written..
    I am actually a huge fan of Oriflame’s Silk Beauty White Glow Body Wash and its wonderful..

  2. Agreed to the fact it can give The Body Shop run for their money 😉 – Well said dear. Nice review

  3. I love Palmolive Body washes…They’re so inexpensive & really awesome! 🙂

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