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I am blessed with dense, curly lashes, a inherited trait infact :). Most of the times, I skip using a black  mascara and opt for a transparent one instead,which helps  groom my lashes without looking over the top. I got this mascara last week for review. This is also a part of the Loreal Cannes L’or Sunset Collection. So read on further, if it transformed my lashes into a million 🙂

download (6)

download (4)

My Experience: To tell the truth, it makes my lashes even longer and more dense and lends an impeccably dramatic look. The effect is as though I have false lashes worn 🙂 Yes, by far , I am loving it on my lashes.

The wand applicator is fuss free and enables neat application, and it separates out each lash sufficiently, coating it altogether. I have let the pictures do the talking. I already have dense, long and curly lashes and it makes them look really beautiful. I tried this on my cousin with shorter and less dense lashes, it made them look dense and curled , but not elongated.

Also,It lasts for the whole day without budging.

the left is my natural eye and the right ones, with the mascara on

the left is my natural eye and the right ones, with the mascara on

download (3)

download (5)

Price: INR 700

Summary: A great mascara which made my lashes look as though I have artificial lashes on :). A very good mascara for people with dense and long lashes. It does, make the lashes thicker and curl them, though not elongate them, if you have short lashes.

Product Score: 4.5/5

Product sent by brand for review, and the review is absolutely true to my experience.


Comments on: "Loreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara Review" (18)

  1. this is my fav mascara for all times..i love its effect but it is not waterproof 😦 !!!

  2. This is by far my favorite mascara! I am yet to come across a better one 🙂

  3. i really want to try this one as heard a lot abt this product..
    will get it soon..nice review tanu..:)

  4. It’s a great mascara for that falsies effect.:)

  5. Neat review 🙂
    Looks very promising.. Need to try this one..

  6. Great Review Tanmayee…I love this for some drama….It really volumizes the lashes… 🙂

  7. It looks great on your lashes. Love your eyes ❤

  8. Im obsessed with mascaras! and my current favourite is hyper stretch mscara in black from Oriflame.. it makes my lashes so thick and lenghtens them too!

  9. i really like this mascara 🙂

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