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So, The first two entries for the contest 🙂

To participate, Click HERE 

Participant Name: Sanjukta Choudhury

Entry 1 – Products Used: 

  1. Incolor Fabu Liner (liquid eye liner) for both upper n lower eyelids
  2. In one of the pics I used Silver white eyeshadow from ” color institute”
  3. And in one I used Blue eyeshadow from the same brand above

eye 1

Entry 2 – Products Used:
  1. Incolor Fab Liner ( Liquid eyeliner) for my upper lid n the side designs of both the lids
  2. MayBeLLine New York Define-A-Line (Navy blue) for the lower eye lid
  3. Pink eye shadow from ” the color Institute”


Thanks a lot Sanjukta for participating 🙂 The looks, especially the second one is absolutely creative and you have beautiful eyes ! Dear readers, do leave in your thoughts on this entry 🙂

Comments on: "Eye Lining Contest : Entry 1 and 2" (4)

  1. loved both the looks ❤

  2. Pretty!! looks great!

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