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Since the last year, I have been bothered by two localized age spots around my left eye socket, which however are minuscule and not that apparent on my NC 42 skin tone. Hence, I have been on a continuous quest for a good De-pigmentation cream and during one of my random searches on the internet, I happened to read a couple of great reviews of this product. So, with the faint hope in mind, that it would work, I bought it last year in June 2012 and used it almost for three months as a night cream only to find no change in the intensity of the spots :).



My Take: The Product Claims to be a de-pigmentation cream fortified with vitamin E.Β  The consistency of the cream is very stiff and hard to blend in, but it did not deter me from using it, you know the hope that it might prove to be a miracle product.Β  I somehow did not like its consistency, or the effect it had on my skin. A very weird kind of product, it was not drying or moisturizing either. I felt as though, the cream stayed on the upper layer of my epidermis without getting absorbed.

After continuous usage of around three months, I could observe no change in the look of my spots and not to mention, it made me feel uncomfortable, as though I have a mask on my skin.

I would not recommend it!Β  Simply put, it doesn’t work!


Price: INR 230

Product Score: Below 3


Comments on: "Fab India Vitamin E De-pigmentation Cream Review" (22)

  1. yeah….I also am using this and I feel it doesnt get absorbed and just sits on my skin….glad to know I’m not alone…..by the way has anyone come across a depigmentation cream that actually works

  2. I have used Vitamin E range from TBS and loved it………. sad this didn’t work. Well reviewed !

  3. Its such a Dud .. I never tried my luck with their products – I guess I was right πŸ˜€
    Thanks for sharing such honest review πŸ™‚

  4. Beautifully reviewed girl!
    I agree with you totally. I am not too happy with FabIndia Creams either…They dont get absorbed at all & they just sit on the skin…I used their Almond Cream & It was just so greasy 😦

  5. awww..sad it didn’t work 😦 nice review dear πŸ™‚

  6. Sangeeta G said:

    This worked for me. But I don’t use if often as it makes my skin greasy

  7. This worked for me, but it made my face greasy.
    So I don’t use it often.

  8. nice review Tanmayee, my sister used it and she hated it cos it was doing nothing except sitting there on the skin…

  9. Too bad!! It didn’t fare well! Nice review dear. πŸ™‚

  10. thanks for d honest review

  11. beautyfrontline said:

    Actually it does work for me and reduced dark spots in 2 weeks!! But later a month when I used, it gave me acne!! Big no .. Nice review.. πŸ™‚

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