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Hair Removing Cream from Anne French was the first ever cream hair remover I used, during my college days. Then it used to come packed in a glass jar with a spatula. Recently, Wyeth launched a refurbished version of the cream along with a convenience kit. Well, the convenience kit comprises of a cream dispenser and a wipe-away sponge.



The Look: A white colored creme

The Smell: Not over powering like their previous version, has a faint hint of the earlier smell but I like it .

Ease of Use: Very much easy, one has to remove the tube cap and replace it with the dispenser that comes along. The slanting design of the dispenser helps in easy application and spread of the cream and then the hair can be easily wiped away with the sponge. The sponge has to be wet , so that the removed hair comes off easily.

My Take: It is a good hair removing cream, definitely better than the previous one. Also, the smell is milder and the biggest factor is its ease of use. The convenience kit makes the entire process fast and hassle free. The skin feels smooth and but requires a moisturizer post hair removal. I did not experience any adverse effects after its use.  It is a good budget buy, I recommend !

Also, make it sure to read the instructions given on the outer cover, and then use it.


  1. Ease of use
  2. Makes hair removal a cake walk
  3. Fuss free
  4. Not messy
  5. Skin feels smooth
  6. Affordable


  1. Skin feels little dry after the hair removal procedure , but it might vary according to skin type, not a major concern for me .




Price: INR 60 Only , very cheap and affordable

Product Score: 3.5/5

PR sample, honest review.


Comments on: "Anne French Tender Care Shea Surprise Creme Hair Remover Review" (6)

  1. Sangeeta G said:

    This is amazing for a quick fix and the smell is also a lot milder than the previous versions

  2. TejInder Kaur said:

    I have used this one tanu..I liked it….
    Great review…

    my recent one : Mac Riri woo

  3. I remember using this long time back.Back then I didnt like it so much….This one seems to be doing a much better job…
    Lovely Review Tanmayee…

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