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I am on my second tub of this body butter and love it to core.




The look : It has two compartments, the content on one is light pink in color that is meant for normal skin and the other is little bit darker than the previous one , meant for dry skin.

The texture: The cream for dry skin is much thicker than the one for normal skin and hence more moisturizing on skin.

The smell : Very light, lingering and feminine .

My take: Highly recommended for dry skins, it is moisturizing and the effect lasts for one whole day. Moreover the smell has light floral notes which seem to linger on and make you feel feminine. It can be used by all skin types as a winter body balm.

Price: INR 995

Product Score: 4.5/5


Comments on: "The Body Shop Body Butter Duo Sweet Pea Review" (8)

  1. Love TBS body butters. But somehow with the duos I find that I use up with the lighter side quicker.

  2. love body butters! this looks tempting too!

  3. I love Body Shop Body Butters!
    Havnt tried this one though…but will definitely test it out when I am in TBS… 🙂

  4. I have this and i love this smell

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