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Balea is a German brand and offers great products that are affordable too. The product I am reviewing today is a hand cream which does its job really well.



The Smell: Very mild almost unnoticeable.

The Look: A thick creamy consistency which spreads and disappears easily into the skin.

My Take: The hand Cream contains Urea, which is an intensive moisturizer and helps restore moisture balance in the skin. I remember, my mother used to use a Urea based face cream when I was a child. Also urea moisturizes the nails and makes them smooth and strong. The moisturizing effect is quite long and one doesn’t feel the urge to moisturize for up to four hours in winter season.The main drawback is the availability and if you get the chance to travel to Germany or have someone there, do get a couple of these. They last really long and little goes a long way. I wish we has such good hand cremes in India 😦

Price: Less than 1 Euro

Product Score: 5/5


Comments on: "Balea Urea Hand Creme Review" (10)

  1. I so wanna give this a try after reading ur review!
    Beautifully reviewed Tanmayee 🙂

  2. I am using the essence cream that you sent me and its very good too!! 🙂

  3. i have never seen this in counter..cl check now..is it available in states

  4. I’m honestly tempted to give it a shot 🙂 .. Just like Shivi – I wish we had such brands available here 😦 .. Nicely reviewed dear :*

  5. I wish too, to have such good brands in India! Nice review! this sounds like an amazing cream 🙂

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