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I was quite oblivious to night creams until last year, the thought occurred to use them regularly 🙂 , until then I was very happy with my Dermadew Caloe cream and used it regularly as a night cream. It is imperative to use night creams when one crosses the age of twenty-five, they hydrate and repair the skin the whole night through when the skin tries to replenish itself naturally. Hence, one wakes up to a new fresh face everyday and actually I have felt the difference.





The Look: A white creamy emulsion

The smell: Very mild, Olay kind.

My Take: I have using this past five months and I must say I am quite happy with it. The texture is light, non-greasy yet hydrating and replenishes the moisture lost during the day and the next morning my skin looks bright and smooth. Also, I feel my skin is smoother and has also reduced minor imperfections and pores to a great extent. I would not say that it makes one fair, but does brighten the complexion with long term use. The only con, I feel is that it doesn’t work on dark spots/ age spots. I have few small age spots around the eye area, but it has done nothing to reduce them. It should suit all skin types, it did not have any adverse reactions om my oily-combination skin, but oily skinned beauties need to be sure before usage.

To summarize, a decent night cream that delivers most of its claims. If one is not allergic to the ingredients, it is definitely worth a try.



Price: INR749 for a 50 gm jar.

Product Score: 4/5


product sent by brand, but the review is honest.



Comments on: "Olay total-effects 7in1 Anti-Aging Night Cream Review" (10)

  1. Beauty Frontline said:

    Looks very rich creame, I’ll get to mum soon!

  2. Sounds like one could really benefit from this product and a s compared to other skincare…Very reasonably priced!
    Lovely Review dear 🙂 Would love to give it a try…

  3. sounds promising. Nice review. I will suggest this to my mom.


  4. sounds good i might try it!

  5. I heard a lot abt this product.. will definitely get this one..Great review tanu

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