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When it comes to skincare on budget, the first name that comes to me is “Jovees”, I have tried most of their products and only few have disappointed me. Something about eye creams, they ought to be an essential component of our skincare regimen and it cannot be undermined that, eyes reflect the primitive signs of aging. I have been using an under eye cream since last seven years as a preventive measure. I do not have dark circles or under eye puffiness and use the cream as a preventive and maintenance measure.



Please refer the below picture for the product claims……….

The Claims

The Claims

The Look: Light creamy moderately thick cream.


The Texture and Feel: It is very light in feel and texture and doesn’t irritate my eyes at least. Only a little drop from the nozzle is enough for both eye sockets.

The Smell: Light and not bothersome

My Take: I use very little amount, which can be seen on the swatch on my ring finger tips and massage gently around the eyes. Though it is advised for application twice a day, I use it only at night before sleeping. It has a cooling effect and the eye area feels soothed. Also, the cream keeps the skin around the eyes smooth and hydrated. I am liking it and also it is very easy to use and carry as the nozzle shaped tip ensures hygiene and less product wastage. It comes inside an outer carton. So, Have you tried this? Do share your inputs on the same .

Summary: I absolutely recommend it, especially to people who do not have any major issues with the under eye area. My review is limited and I cannot comment on its efficacy in case of dark circles or puffiness, as I do not have these issues. The price is on the lower side and I guess, there should be no harm in trying it once 🙂

Price:  INR 165

Product Score: 4/5


Comments on: "Jovees Eye Contour Cream Review" (24)

  1. paritashah26 said:

    I need something heavy for my panda like dark circles 😦

  2. It seems good!!! I have used their night cream earlier which was okay. Nicely reviewed dear! 🙂

  3. nice review dear 🙂
    check out my recent one :Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes Review !!!

  4. wow sounds nice! I am using their face pack and even that is superB!
    would love to try this one! 🙂

  5. Lovely review Tanmayee…
    I have tried a few Jovees Product Nd like them a lot! This seems to be a great product for its price 🙂

  6. It sounds a great product .. I have few under eye issues – would surely try out this one 🙂
    Lovely Review Sweets :*

  7. manasinanwani said:

    Joves is a nice brand…Nice review dear 🙂

  8. Thanks for the review…I have tried…and see most of the eye creams dont really work…But it is all about skin care…I have been looking for some good eye cream…


  9. This looks quie good, I’m gonna give it a try. Lovely review dear.

  10. Beauty Frontline said:

    I haven’t tried it! Tempting review 😛

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