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Finally it is 9.30 Pm, Friday night  and I have started drafting the post……. A hectic day in fact !

Foundations are meant to provide a base to apply make-up, hide fine lines, even out the skin tone and hide blemishes if any, but that depends on the amount of coverage it provides.  They also protect the skin from environment, harsh lights and also the sun light. There is a lot of variance in texture and consistency among various types of foundations. The color, coverage and consistency are the main deciding factors when it comes to selecting foundations for different situations and skin types.

The Various Types of Foundations can be…

  1. Tinted Moisturizers
  2. Liquid
  3. Cream
  4. Cake
  5. Stick
  6. Cream to Powder
  7. Powder


Also, ingredients of a foundations should be a deciding factor when it comes to selecting foundations according to skin type. Some of the variations in this category are emollient based, water based or mineral based foundations. One important aspect of foundation is that, it is meant to enhance the skin appearance and if the skin by itself is good, the effect of foundation can be magical. So, Good skincare is where beauty should begin 🙂

Now , let us delve deeper into the various types of foundations ……..

Tinted Moisturizers : They are of use when we need minimum coverage as they are sheerest of them all. They add a little of color and even out the skin tone. When you have very good skin, I guess one can avoid the foundation altogether on a daily basis and opt for a tinted moisturizer instead.

Good TM brands are laura mercier, Stila, The balm, etc…

Liquid Foundation: It gives a coverage that can be sheer to maximum and are easy to apply with a brush or finger tips. They need to be blended properly into the skin, so as to avoid any uneven texture. They are good to suit all skin types and are available in formulas ranging from emollient to mineral based ones. They are easy to mix and are widely used by make-up artists. It is advised to choose the liquid foundation according to ones skin type, hydrating ones are good for dry or mature skin and water based one are perfect for oily skins.

Some good foundation brands are Bobbi Brown, MAC, MUFE-high defination, Estee Lauder etc..

Mineral Foundation: They are great for sensitive skin types, like skin that is prone to allergies, acne, redness etc as they breed less bacteria. It gives long lasting coverage and almost flawless finish without irritating the skin. They are best applied with a brush or sponge and come in liquid and powder form. They are water resistant and contains no talc or parabens.

Some good brands are Bare Escentuals, ColorScience etc..

Cream Foundation: They are good for all types of skin generally, but wonderful for dry skin types and impart great coverage.They can be easily applied with a brush or sponge and imparts rich tone and coverage. They are available from sheer finish to heavy coverage ones and can be layered over liquid foundations to provide more flawless finish, but care should be taken to blend them properly else it might appear as a artificial film on skin. It should be set with powder for a neat and flawless application.

Some standards in the market include Bobbi Brown, Black Opal etc..

Powder Foundation: According to me they are the most convenient and offer a two-for-one benefit 🙂 . They should ideally be applied with a brush or sponge and in case one wants more coverage, a damp sponge can be used for application. They are not suited for all skin types especially dry skins and work best on oily acne prone skin, and also on normal to combination skin types. They are good for usage during summer and high humidity conditions.

Some good names include MAC, Lancome Dual Finish….

Cream to Powder Foundation: They work well on all skin types but are best suited for combination skins. Benefit’s Some Kinda Gorgeous is a well known name in this segment, Sleek Make-Up also has these foundations comprising of thirty shades.

Cake Make-up:  They come in the form of a cake and best applied with a damp sponge. They are best suited for body make-up and for use in stages. Kryolan is a brand that has good cake make-up.

Whoa … that was quite long 🙂 and I am posting it a day late …  ! I have started this series concentrating on the theoretical aspect of make-up and as a general know how on this subject. I hope this post added some more to existing knowledge and find this useful.

Do not forget to share your inputs, suggestions, criticisms in the comment section, would love to learn from you as well 🙂




Comments on: "Make-Up Bits and Bytes : What are Make-Up Foundations ?" (12)

  1. Nice informative post! great for beginners!

  2. Lovely Post dear! Its brilliantly compiled…I like Liquid Nd powder foundations as compared to cream ones..The cream ones just turn out to be more oily on me 🙂

  3. Loved this post Tanmayee!! Now I understood why i was getting break out’s with my powder foundation!! I am dry skin person and I was unable to figure out that this thing was the culprit!!

  4. Nice post sweety 🙂 very informative 🙂

  5. Lovely post hun…I prefer liquid foundations for good coverage and tinted moisturisers for everyday medium coverage 🙂

  6. tejinderk1982 said:

    very informative post dear..I love using powder foundations..

    my recent one :http://www.cosmochics.com/reviews/inglot-eyeshadow-ds-square-504-review-swatches-eotd/

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