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So, the very first impressions on the blind review ………

Well, I tried it three times since I received it and I feel it softens the hair a lot, in a way the mane glistens 🙂 . It feels cleaner and shinier after every use. Also, my hair seems to retain the effect for atleast four days, which is quite a great thing for my normal to oily hair.

Also, it smells really good, very feminine, soft yet lingering aroma.

I shall post the swatches and a much detailed review in a weeks time from now 🙂 till then, hold up with your curiosity !


The Introductory post on this series is here.


Comments on: "First Impressions: Love Long Hair Range" (26)

  1. I posted it too dear and liked the effects.:)

  2. Sounds good. awaiting for detailed review 🙂

  3. Promising! Where to buy from?

  4. Sounds Nice 🙂

  5. tejinderk1982 said:

    Sound nice…
    Great review tanu

  6. Wow, I so wanna know what brand is making this!!

  7. Lovely Mini Review Dear 😉
    Me too Loving the range too !

  8. Oh it looks amazing, keep updating us with the results 😀

  9. Wow! That sounds excellent & tempting…would love to know the Brand 🙂

  10. Arshita Dhara said:

    Sounds goooood! :):D

  11. itsshivi said:

    Sounds cool & exciting!!!! 🙂

  12. Beauty Frontline said:

    Tempting 😛

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